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More Children will have access to Swimming Pools thanks to the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

Children need a chance to learn to swim in a safe environment and to do this access to swimming pools is vital. 

Enter the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation which is leading the way in finding ways to help children learn to swim in communities that do not have easy access to swimming pools. The Foundation is partnering with an organisation that actually has a mobile swimming pool that can be made available to communities who are eager to teach their children to swim. 

It is an innovative educational tool that has all the conveniences of a swimming pool in a trailer (a changing room, a shower, access for people with reduced mobility, a technical area) and a pool equipped with an adjustable bottom. (8m long, 2.10m wide and depth from 0 to 1.20m).

Did you know that there are still thousands of deaths in France from drowning. It is a tragedy that the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation is tirelessly working at striving to avoid. 

In France, a total number of 1,983 drownings occurred between June 1 and August 31, 2021, a figure which has increased following the Covid-19 pandemic with the closure of swimming pools for long periods, preventing children from learning to swim and protect themselves from the risk of drowning.

Many municipalities in France would like to have their own swimming pool in order to offer aquatic activities to young people and to support the National Education programs for learning to swim and aquatic fluency tests – but the investment costs and the profitability of traditional swimming pools makes this not possible for everyone.

Princess Charlene Foundation Partners with Aqwa Itineris 

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, whose primary mission is the fight against drowning, supports Aqwa Itineris for this innovative concept of a travelling swimming pool. From 2022, this new partnership will help municipalities that do not have suitable infrastructure. The Foundation will undertake, with selected municipalities, to co-finance the Aqwa Itineris solution for making this infrastructure available to schoolchildren, people with reduced mobility and also to the elderly according to defined conditions.

Learning to Swim Saves Children From Drowning

This creative solution of a mobile swimming pool makes swimming lessons accessible to everyone: a real solution for communities that do not have aquatic complexes. The swimming pool truck allows the provision of a secure pool to the populations of the most isolated municipalities.

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation

The signing of a framework partnership agreement between the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation and the Aqwa Itineris association falls directly in line with the Foundation’s mission to fight drowning. It also has the advantage of incorporating sport into the lives of children.

The Foundation is a pioneer of  Learn to Swim and Water Safety programmes 

and is very active in Sport and Education programorganising sports events and encouraging everyone to take up a sport.

It’s all about the well-being and safety of children. 

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