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More Lightening of Health Measures in response to an Improving Trend in the Health Situation

The favourable evolution of the health situation having been confirmed in recent days, with in particular a reduction in the incidence rate of 30% compared to the previous week as well as a significant drop in hospitalizations, HSH Prince Albert II has decided, on the proposal of His Government, and after consultation with health professionals and the National Council, to lighten some of the protective measures currently in force. 

However, the positivity rate in the Principality remains around 10% and therefore remains a factor of attention.

Lightening of Health Measures 

• As of Monday, February 28th: 

– Abolition of the obligation to wear a mask at school during recess and indoor sports practice.

– Non-renewal of the obligation to present the health pass to continue one’s professional duties essential to the continuity of activity of a company or a public service providing essential services to the population.

– Possible consumption of food and drinks outside a catering area solely dedicated to this purpose, for example, at the cinema or at the stadium.

– Resumption of standing cocktails, consumption at the counter, standing tables, and cloakroom service.

– Coffee breaks and other convivial events between colleagues are now possible.

– Resumption of combat or contact sports.

However, the maintenance of barrier gestures remains applicable in any type of business or public service and places open to the public will remain subject to the presentation of the health pass, for the moment.

• As of Saturday March 5:

– End of the obligation to use remote work 3 days a week. However, its application is still recommended.

• Starting Monday, March 7:

– Lifting of the obligation to wear a mask during indoor sports practice.

The Prince’s Government is continuing the ongoing analysis of the health situation in order to adapt the system in force. It is working on potential reductions that could soon be implemented depending on health indicators. Consultations are also planned in the coming days.

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