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New Four Week Containment in the Alpes Maritimes

A third wave of the epidemic is sweeping much of France including the Alpes Maritimes. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a new four-week confinement from Friday, March 19th for the Alpes-Maritimes, in the face of the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic. It also applies to fifteen other departments. 

This includes a lockdown in the Alpes-Maritimes department, 7 days a week, from this Friday midnight and for a period of 4 weeks minimum.

The Var is not affected by this confinement, though. 

The situation is deteriorating. There is confirmation that the epidemic is accelerating rapidly, we are in a third wave according to the important statements highlighted by Jean Castex, at a time when France is approaching 100,000 deaths. The weekend partial confinements have not been enough the stall the epidemic. 

A strongly Reinforced Containment for Four Weeks, Schools Will Remain Open Though 

Unlike the first lockdown, schools and colleges will open normally. The high schools will all switch to “half-gauge” in the 16 departments affected by new restrictions against Covid-19. The rules don’t change in universities.

Physical and sports education, during school time, can resume normally. The conditions under which the sports activity of minors can be practiced will be made more flexible: physical and sports education, during school time, can resume normally and extra sports activities. Open-air schooling for minors will be maintained. 

Closure of Non-Essential Shops 

Stores and supermarkets that do not fit into the list of those “selling essential goods and services” will have to close during these 4 weeks of this new confinement. 

The Prime Minister also specified that the areas of stores that are open selling non-essential products will no longer be accessible. 

Outings Within 10 kms are Permitted. Interregional Travel is Prohibited 

A travel certificate will be mandatory for ALL outings. The exit perimeter has been increased to 10 km around one’s home and without time limit. Non-essential interregional travel is prohibited

Telework Pushed to the Maximum 

The Prime Minister requested all companies and administrations which can push telework to the maximum to set it up at least four days per week. Jean Castex invited all employees who have the slightest symptom of the disease to not go to work. He also called for stricter protocols in company canteens given meal-times in the workplace are a time of particular risk. 

Vaccination Goals 

Vaccinations with Astrazeneca will resume immediately as the European regulator has judged this vaccine “safe and effective”.

Goals are to have vaccinated, by mid-April, at least 10 million people, that is to say all of the vulnerable volunteers today eligible for vaccination: all over 75 years and, among people over 50 years, those who present extra risk factors. 

The objective is also to have vaccinated by mid-May at least 20 million people, or the entire volunteer population over 50 and by mid-June, 30 million people.

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