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Oasis of Safety: Statistics Show Street Crime Down Again in the Principality

The inauguration, on January 26th, of the new building of the Public Safety Department marks a decisive turning point for the Monegasque police. It is now equipped with more spacious and modern premises that will allow personnel to carry out their missions in ideal conditions. 

Despite a period punctuated by relocations and sometimes inadequate working conditions due to the demands of 24-hour operation throughout the year, the Public Safety Department has managed to maintain a high level of security. Overall, the figures for the year 2023 show a positive trend and reflect the effectiveness of the procedures and the men and women who, on a daily basis, ensure the safety of individuals and property in the Principality of Monaco. Faced with a concerning international situation, a highly charged events calendar, and sustained judicial activity, security measures have been adapted and strengthened to achieve remarkable results.

Crime figures

Street crime, which is the everyday crime that police action, through its preventive measures, can have a real impact on, has decreased from 59 incidents to 49, representing a -17% change. It is worth noting that in 2016, there was one street crime incident every 3 days; 8 years later, there is less than one incident per week. These results are very satisfactory as they concern the type of crime that most affects the population, such as public disturbances, assaults, property crimes, or public order offenses.

Considering the figures obtained by the police services of neighbouring countries, the results are commendable.

Future Priority: Incidents Concerning Alcohol 

There has been an increase in incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol (101 in 2022, 134 in 2023), as well as those related to public drunkenness and disorderly conduct (283 in 2022, 347 in 2023). This issue will be a priority for the Public Safety Department in 2024.

Other Crimes 

Regarding thefts, there is a decrease of  75% for automobile thefts. However, two-wheeler thefts have increased from 9 in 2022 to 11 in 2023.

– Fraudulent telephone calls or malicious electronic messages are down by 33%

One of the few negatives is the increase in Drug possession by 49%

The Principality’s Reputation for Safety is Unmatched 

One of the most attractive and enduring features of Monaco is its safety. And we have the Police to thank for it. Where else in the world can a person walk the streets at night and feel completely secure. In towns generally elsewhere there is a lot of justified fear of being alone on the streets, especially after dark. People cannot wear their jewellery, they need to hide anything of value. Essentially people have a heightened sense of needing to protect themselves whenever they are out of their homes on the streets. 

In the Principality the atmosphere is completely different, refreshingly so … more a heightened sense of freedom rather than the fear experienced elsewhere. 

This safety is not a random occurrence. Public Security not only dedicate the manpower but also the technology via its camera surveillance to deter criminals. Thus the would-be criminals go elsewhere where the pickings are easier. 

Technology is changing rapidly and the new Public Security H/Q in the Principality has a roof-top park and landing area for drones. And fast-emerging technologies that have advantages for those planning our security are constantly under evaluation. 

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