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The European Commission has issued recommendations on the resumption of tourist activity

The European Commission has recently released recommendations to the EU member states on the resumption of tourist and transport activities for the summer season 2020.

The restrictions on border crossing between the EU countries and regions with a similar epidemiological situation are to be lifted as a first step. The date of reestablishing free movement within the European Union has not yet been specified. 

Trains, buses and ferries may be transporting a reduced number of passengers. In a situation where social distancing is more difficult to ensure, protective measures, like wearing masks, are to be introduced. Installing barriers between drivers and passengers was discussed among other measures.

resumption of tourist activity

Passengers are encouraged to buy tickets and check-in online, social distancing is to be observed at the baggage claim and security checkpoints.

All means of transport and hubs must be equipped with sanitizers. Trains, ferries and buses are to be disinfected regularly. Air conditioning and, if possible, natural ventilation are to be provided.

France may open its borders from mid-June 

In the course of June and July, the country is planning a gradual reopening of its restaurants, cafes and hotels. As of Friday, the French railway company SNCF has opened summer bookings for its high-speed and intercity trains for July and August. On May 19, The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has specified in his interview with LCI what categories of people and under what conditions they will be allowed to enter the country starting on Wednesday.

“The EU borders are now closed and will remain closed for entry, except for French citizens returning back home. As of Wednesday, May 20, they are to self-impose a voluntary 14 day quarantine. According to Yves Le Drian, French citizens may self-isolate at home or in any other place of their choice.”

resumption of tourist activity

As to non-members of the European Union, the borders remain closed as of March 17.

Starting on June 15, Jean-Yves Le Drian is hoping there can be a further restoring of movement between the EU member states provided that no second wave of the epidemic is registered. At the moment, such kind of travel is only allowed for family reasons.

Until June 15, Spanish borders are only open for European citizens

Spain has reestablished international air travel. Over the next month, however, until June 15, only EU citizens are allowed on Iberian territory. Its land and sea borders will be subject to controls until at least May 24, the date that the Spanish state of emergency has been extended too.

resumption of tourist activity

A two-week quarantine is compulsory in Iberia for all traveller’s arriving in the country. A 14 day self-isolation period is imposed, either at home or in a hotel. Only food shopping, medical and emergency visits are allowed. Wearing a mask is obligatory nationwide.

The quarantine will remain compulsory until May 24, the date when the state of emergency is to be lifted in Spain. Only business travel is allowed at the moment, the country being temporarily closed for tourism.

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