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The Launch of the Captivating Five Padel Cup is Imminent

Let’s go for the FIVE PADEL CUP! From April 17th to 19th, in the wake of the traditional Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters of tennis (April 8-16), lovers of the little yellow ball will be able to prolong the pleasure of their dream week, also in the heart of the beautiful village of Eze. Padel will take over the centre of attention. Three days entirely dedicated to this discipline.

Padel is like a tsunami… nothing can stop the growing attraction of the sport… and the Principality is currently in the midst of helping shine the light on the first edition of the FIVE PADEL CUP, organized by the BSG SRL society, from 17th to 19th of April 2023 including an exclusive and inclusive tournament-event dedicated to padel, using the courts and facilities of the Eze tennis/padel club.

Monaco and its surroundings were chosen to host this first edition, its setting being so advantageous and conducive to the development of sport. And who knows perhaps one day we may see Padel Courts added within the prestigious setting of the Monte Carlo Country Club itself.

“It is an activity that attracts. The beauty of padel is also in the diversity of the profiles of his players, more and more numerous in Italy and around the world” says Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO (chief executive officer) of BSG SRL.

Padelmania is a booming phenomenon in Spain, Italy, France, Monaco and internationally, so much so that three days are being dedicated to it in the prestigious setting of the Principality of Monaco. That will put Padel at the heart of attention and bring together several interests… sporting, social and charitable… to celebrate this popular discipline in the most global way possible.

The event is centred around the Five Padel Cup that will bring together some great people, stars from the sporting world, of course, but not only sports.

And there will be 5 simultaneous tournaments:

– Youth Tournament, (mixed)
– Women’s tournament
– Tournament for wheelchair padel players
– Tournament of Managers / personalities from the business world
and the icing on the cake

– Tournament Dedicated To Sports VIPs which will include Major International Sports Personalities From Different Sports …including Luigi Di Biagio and Gianluca Zambrotta. This sports VIP competition is also an opportunity to highlight former glories of the Squadra Azzura (Italian national football team), but not only…

The Barbagiuans

The Barbagiuans of Monaco will also be present to take part in the competition. They are the ones that also have the talent for bringing together stars (VIPs) from the sports world. The group created by Prince Albert II and now chaired by Louis Ducruet will field two teams composed notably of emblematic figures from local and international football. Notably the pillar of the Monegasque defense during the European epic in 2004, Gaël Givet who is in the hearts of all red and white supporters will be playing this his new dream sport of Padel.


Monaco always places an emphasis on Charity at its events and one of the objectives of the Five Padel Cup will also be to assure charitable actions, for the benefit of FIGHT AIDS MONACO of which the Barbagiuans are a loyal partner.

With 38.4 million HIV cases attributed in 2021 (worldwide), prevention, support and ongoing support for people living with AIDS are undeniably part of the major challenges of daily life. Essential values, dear to FIGHT AIDS MONACO…

Founded in 2004 by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, the association has become, over the years and through adapted actions, a benchmark in the fight against HIV.

Note that funds will also be donated to the “Fondazione HEAL” which financially supports the work of doctors and researchers engaged in the fight against pediatric brain tumours.

Who Helped Create the Event

The Principality of Monaco and Monte Carlo and Eze Padel/Tennis Club are front and Centre. The FIVE PADEL CUP was also born from the synergy between the entities of the BSG SRL communication company in Rome: the independent media agency, Padel Media Communication and Excellere, the sector dedicated to events.

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