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Top Marques: the International Luxury Car Show Names the Date

Top Marques promises to be the best international luxury car show ever in 2021. Now postponed to early September the organizers have put no brakes on their ambitions to show case the exceptional and ecological marvels too. 

Postponed twice, the show will finally be held from September 1 to 5 with reportedly everything planned as if the virus did not exist. So it’s going to be a barn burner. 

Imagine doing the impossible including trying to showcase the ultimate power beasts from Australia, Canada and United States which take two months to arrive by boat. 

But the Europeans have beaten them to the punch with reportedly 80 exhibitors and brands already confirmed.

2 million euro HyperCars

There’s press talk already of the Battista, signed by the Pininfarina brand and the first all-electric Italian supercar; and Puritalia’s Berlinetta, a powerful plug-in hybrid GT. Or the Delage D12 – we wonder if it is confirmed yet – a two-seater road Formula 1 – reportedly with thirty examples worldwide and a purchase price set likely pitched at the rich and famous … 2 million euros??

Ecological Marvels 

Expect the latest generation cars in this arena, successors to the 2019 Quant which ran in salt water including hybrid vehicles, 100% electric or methanol, perhaps even prototypes of cars running on hydrogen. 

Haute Couture Superbikes? 

Voxan, Aston Martin and the French producer Midual should be there. Reportedly, the latter’s motorcycles are 170,000 euros and packed with technology. Will Lazareth and his flying motorcycle cause a stir too? 

Not to be missed 


It is the first supercar of its kind using a fuel cell powered by methanol, which produces hydrogen before converting it into electricity. It takes 2.5 seconds to cross the 100 km / h mark. Buying price rumoured over 400.000 euros. 


Presented in design at Le Mans in 2018, the Akylone prototype will be officially presented at Top Marques. Under the Akylone’s hood, is a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V10 engine producing up to 1,200 horsepower. and reportedly capable of devouring 1 kilometer of asphalt in just 17 seconds

Aspark Owl

It’s a Japanese electric supercar. If its presence is confirmed, reportedly this car would be launched in Monaco in Europe. With a top speed of 400 km / h, Aspark Owl reaches 100 km / h in 1.9 seconds. Almost unimaginable. 

Nascar Richard Orlinski Collectors Item 

Chevrolet Silverado with 650 horsepower under the hood – capable of blitzing an oval circuit at over 300 km / h.

Boats, Jewellery, Sculpture, Photography and Art

Supercars and hypercars, boats, watches and jewelry, works of art dealing with motorsport and photographs and sculptors whose raw material are engines.

Top Marques – it’s shaping up to be awesome. First week in September, starting September 1.

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