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Two Incredible Days of Fabulous MAGIC… it’s a First in Monaco

Superheroes are on their way back to Monaco.

After a few years of postponement due to the pandemic, the 6th Monaco Anime Game International Conferences are coming back to the Principality on 25th and 26th February 2023. It will feature the best of the Oriental and Western creative evolutions of Magic beings and animation into the twenty first century. And HelloMonaco was there for a preview peek. And we can tell you it’s going to be a smash hit.
There is a completely free and exciting line-up of events. The program includes animation, manga, video games, exhibitions, an international cosplay competition, an international manga competition and several special guests.

Imagine Two Days of Magic

For the first time in its history, MAGIC will be held for two days. A moment of silence will be observed at the event opening, in honour of the late Kazuki Takahashi, creator of YU GI-OH! who attended the event in 2019. Yōichi Takahashi, creator of the famous manga Captain Tsubasa will be in attendance and designed the MAGIC 2023 poster.

Completely free access

All events are free, the only requirement is to register online to book one of the limited 3,000 seats per day. Once inside, visitors will have direct access to conferences, signing sessions with their favourite stars, live drawing sessions, roundtables debates and the exhibition area, which will take place in a relaxed atmosphere at the Grimaldi Forum.

Special guests are unveiled. Guess Who!

You would never have guessed an astronaut but it’s true, astronaut Thomas Pesquet will be one of the guests of this 2023 Magic event. The relationship between space and pop culture comes alive as the astronaut interacts with great artists. The surreal is the norm in Magic and space being omnipresent in pop culture. Who else? The Final Fantasy genius! It’s Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise that you will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with. Then the ultimate in make-up design from films and sagas such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and The Fifth Element. It’s none other than the designer Nick Dudman. Rounding out the incredible special guest line-up are William Simpson, the storyboarder of Game of Thrones and Yoichi Takahashi, the author of Olive and Tom and designer of the poster of the Magic in 2023. MAGIC will be hosted by Jacky, the TV presenter from the famous 80’s and 90’s French kids show ‘Le Club Dorothée’.

International Manga Contest: winner will receive trip to Japan

The MAGIC International Manga Contest has attracted nearly 500 authors from across the globe with 63 making the final cut. It is the only contest in the world created and produced in partnership with SHUEISHA (Shonen Jump), the Japanese publishing house, which is behind successful creations like Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece. Five chosen finalists will come and defend their project orally.
Each year, Shonen Jump’s chief-editors come to Magic as jury members, along with a Manga artist, to discover upcoming stars in the field. The winner will have the opportunity to see their project published on Shônen Jump Plus next to legendary pieces of work. Shibuya Productions will also offer the winner a trip to Japan to introduce them to a publisher, with the opportunity to spend time with the greatest Japanese Mangakas.

Cosplay contest

The Cosplay contest brings together the greatest international cosplayers from Brazil, Germany, the Philippines, Mexico, the United States, Finland, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia, Italy and more. In total, a record number of more than 30 nationalities have been represented in this competition and 15 of the very best will strut their stuff in Monaco.
To be part of the contest, each cosplayer must create an original, hand-made costume. These costumes, some of which may resemble “haute couture” with rich, high-end details. Since its launch in 2016, the MICM keeps on growing by welcoming increasingly talented competitors.
“Magic International Cosplay Masters (MICM) is the most acclaimed cosplay contest in the world,” states MAGIC.
Be there and enjoy!
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