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Two Months to Party and Guess the Secret Stars’N’Bars has to Unveil

We can’t wait to hear what will be launched by the remarkable Stars’N’Bars crew … let’s call them Monaco’s celebrated hospitality magicians. With Kate Powers guiding them, the Principality’s Stars and Stripes venue has been a magnet for celebrities and locals looking for uniquely US fare, hamburgers and Tex Mex. Not to mention it has been an attraction for the whole of the Côte d’Azur. So much so that the bar boasts 500.000 clients a year. That’s some success that the beloved late Kate Powers sparked.

Keep showing the love for Stars’N’Bars for two more months until the final TexMex shindig on January 27th 2023. Christmas and New Years treats with its original authentic menus await us.

For over fifteen years leading the way, fine-tuning the menu with ecologically sensitive twists, why not for this two month blow-out a return to the tried and true and raved about original menu. Unleash the authentic Tex Mex menu for a two month burst of applause and thank-yous from a grateful community.

Kate Powers was lost to Monaco much too young through illness but we never forget her passion for the environment. Here’s what she had told HelloMonaco when we interviewed her unaware, of course, that we all were going to lose her, far far too soon.

HelloMonaco: You’re the co-founder of EcoHub and Monacology.

Kate Powers: 16 years ago, we started it outside. We made a little village and invited all the children from the schools in Monaco to come. We had different companies, associations and the government come and do workshops to raise awareness for the children. And now, the children who were small before, are big and they do workshops now as well.

We learned that the Foundation also intended to maintain the concept of Eco Angels. This was an idea of Kate’s to mobilize citizens to take on practical initiatives like collecting waste in general and cigarette butts – all to reduce local pollution.

2023 Secret Venue

So what’s the secret venue going to be in 2023. Well a secret wouldn’t be a secret if they let it out of the bag … but HelloMonaco has at least learned it’s going to be at the same great location on Quai Antoine-1er, all 1800 square metres of it and involving a great cast of characters from the original team including reportedly Kate’s lifelong partner Didier Rubiolo and Annette Anderson. No doubt 2023 will see yet more stars flocking to the yet to be unveiled secret project.

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