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Which of Princess Grace Academy Stars Triumphed at Prix de Lausanne?

In a dazzling display of grace and skill, three dancers from Monaco’s esteemed Princess Grace Academy clinched top honours at the prestigious Prix de Lausanne.

The Prix de Lausanne, a revered international competition for young dancers, captivated audiences at the Theatre de Beaulieu during its 52nd edition. As throngs of ballet enthusiasts flocked online, the event showcased the world’s finest emerging talents.

Since its inception in 1973, the Prix de Lausanne has served as a beacon for aspiring dancers, offering a platform to nurture their craft and pave the way for professional careers. This unparalleled dance extravaganza transforms Lausanne into a global hub for emerging talent, drawing professionals to scout and connect with rising stars.

To vie for the coveted prizes, candidates undergo rigorous preparation, mastering two solos – one classical and one contemporary – from a curated repertoire. Beyond mere competition, the Prix de Lausanne provides a week of intensive training, where participants hone their skills under the guidance of esteemed teachers and dancers.

This year, a record-breaking 425 applicants from 43 countries submitted their videos for consideration. A distinguished jury, comprising nine dance luminaries, meticulously evaluated each candidate’s artistry, technique, and potential to excel in the ballet world.

From the pool of 88 initial selections and following intense competition, 20 finalists emerged, vying for the esteemed titles.

Under the discerning eye of Dame Darcey Bussell, President of the Royal Academy of Dance, and PDL 1986 Prize Winner, nine outstanding dancers clinched victory. Among them were three gifted students from Monaco’s Princess Grace Academy: Paloma Livellara Vidart from Argentina, Martinho Lima Santos from Portugal, and Juliann Fedele Malard from France. Their exceptional talent earned them a total of six prizes, affirming Monaco’s status as a powerhouse of ballet excellence.

Prix de Lausanne

The Prix de Lausanne is an international dance competition held annually in Lausanne, Switzerland. The competition is for young dancers seeking to pursue a professional career in classical ballet, and many former prize winners of the competition are now leading stars with major ballet companies around the world. The competition is managed by a non-profit foundation organised by the Fondation en faveur de l’Art chorégraphique and is maintained by various sponsors, patrons and donors.

What actually started as small event has grown into a preeminent internationally acclaimed institution that draws candidates from all over the world. 

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