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Prince Albert gives Keynote Speech for World Ocean Summit and other news

Prince Albert gave a keynote speech for the World Ocean Summit on 3 March. Organized by the Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative, the Prince touched upon important subjects such as marine protected areas, biodiversity and economic opportunities linked to the ocean as a source of sustainable energy. 

“Since 2012 this event has offered us all the opportunity to weigh up the many complex issues associated with the future of the ocean and it is always a pleasure for me to participate in these debates,” Prince Albert II said in his speech. “At a time when the world is plunged into a deadly pandemic it is also our duty to focus on the ocean and its future together, because its future is also our future.”

The Prince’s speech also touched upon the “Blue Economy” and the ocean’s power for creating renewable energies. “Offshore wind energy, tidal energy, wave energy and ocean thermal energy such as the loops we installed many years ago in Monaco, which enable us to heat and cool a significant number of buildings, are still increasing,” Prince Albert II said in his speech.

“The Blue Growth Strategy was implemented by the European union in its latest report on the subject in 2020. It estimates the number of ocean-related jobs in Europe at 5 million representing an annual turnover of over 750 billion euros, making the sea and coasts drivers of the economy,” the Prince said in his speech. 

Prince Albert has demonstrated his deep caring of the oceans throughout the years in many tangible ways. He made a commitment to incorporate ocean issues onto the agenda of COP meetings on climate at COP21 held in Paris. In 2015, with the Prince’s help, ocean issues were finally and officially included in the Paris Agreement.

Princess Caroline visits Art Exhibition in Monaco

Princess Caroline recently visited ‘La force du detail’ exhibition at Quai Antoine 1 in the Principality. The Princess of Hanover met the artists and organizers of the exhibition during the event. 

The exhibition, organized by the Monegasque committee of the International Association of Art, brings together selected works from around fifty artists. The works of art will be on display until the end of March.

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