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Prince Albert II and his Twins attend St. Patrick’s Day Concert and other princely news

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, students from the Academie Rainier III gave a concert at the Princess Grace Irish Library in Monaco in the presence of Prince Albert II and his twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. 

Princess Grace Kelly, the twins’ grandmother, was Irish-American. Her grandfather on her father’s side, John Peter Kelly, was originally from Drimurla, Ireland.

Launch of Monaco’s MyClass Teaching Platform in Nice with Prince Albert II

Prince Albert II and the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, had a fun grammar lesson last week at the Ronchèse school in the heart of Nice. The Prince was in Nice to help launch an educational tool created in the Principality, the interactive MyClass platform, for learning French.

With the help different characters, the intricacies of grammar are explained in fun animations. The interactive learning videos have been developed since 2019 by Philippe Denain, who had the idea for MyClass after his son was totally engaged in a cartoon video, which he watched over and over again, instead of working on his homework. With the support of the Prince’s Government, MyClass has been a highlight for students in classrooms all over Monaco for almost a year now.

The program will extend over two years in fifteen schools for 1,250 students in Nice. The use of MyClass requires the installation of video projectors connected to whiteboards in the classrooms, which will be done as a priority for the classes concerned via an investment of 212,000 euros. At the end of the two years, a report will be drawn up to use the platform in all schools in Nice.

Ukrainian Refugees received in Monaco: Prince Albert II gives Televised Address

In a televised address last week, Prince Albert II announced his “full solidarity with the Ukrainian population” and outlined the specific measures which the Principality has implemented in order to support Ukrainian refugees.

“We will participate in this momentum, to our extent and with the means that are ours. Our schools, our volunteers and our available resources will be mobilized to welcome, accompany and support these displaced and vulnerable people” the Prince said in the televised address.

After the Prince’s address, the first 30 refugees were welcomed in Monaco. Although the tightness of Monaco’s housing market presents challenges, the Principality is working in liaison with France to provide accommodation. Financial help will be granted to each family at the rate of approximately 15 euros per person per day so that they can purchase food and have some independence. Education will be available for refugee children in Monaco’s schools and special help will be provided to support their language needs.

In a recent press release, the Prince strongly condemned the invasion of the Ukraine.

“His Serene Highness expresses his full solidarity with the Ukrainian population suffering from the military operations and bombings and supports the calls for an immediate ceasefire,” states a press release from the Prince’s Palace dated 12 March 2022. The Principality has also adopted and implemented the freezing of assets and economic sanctions identical to those taken by most European States.

Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline attend Mediterranean Meetings

Two days of conferences at the Oceanographic Museum were recently held on the theme of the Mediterranean Islands. The meetings were launched with the Sovereign Prince and the Princess of Hanover as well as many personalities from the Principality.

The rich symposium of presentations outlined historical knowledge and philosophical approaches about the islands of the Mediterranean. Prince Albert II and the Princess Caroline awarded the RIMM Prize to archaeologist François Queyrel. A sculpture by Monegasque artist Frédérique Nalbandian representing the face of the goddess Hygieia was presented to the winner. A livestream of the event was watched by over 400 people from ten different countries.

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