Hockey Legend Takes to Monaco’s Ice Rink To Protect Against the Melting of the Arctic Ice and Save the Planet

Another great day in support of the planet took place symbolically on the ice in Monaco in the Prince Rainier III Stade Nautique ice rink at the port. 

It was to increase awareness of the melting of the Arctic ice. It is a subject that is dear to the heart of Russian hockey legend Slava Fetisov and he is committed to convincing people around the world to rally round and fight to make the right decisions to save the planet.

It was not just symbolic being on the ice and facing the sea with Prince Albert taking part watching – there was a real duel taking place on the ice and Slava Fetisov was instrumental in organizing it supported by the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Mairie of Monaco the Monaco Skating Club with special assistance from the United Nations Ambassador for the Polar Regions.

Slava is one of the greatest ice hockey defensive players of all time – he played for HC CSKA Moscow for 13 seasons before joining the National Hockey League (NHL)

Fetisov was instrumental in breaking the barrier that had prevented Soviet players from leaving the Soviet Union to join the NHL. He played with the New Jersey Devils and won back-to-back Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings.

Slava encouraged many of the best players from all over Europe to go to North America. Internationally, he was a long-time captain for the Soviet Union national team and is a two-time Olympic champion.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on the ice and reflecting off the sea close-by. Hundreds of people gathered to watch this exceptional ice hockey match, a rare and privileged sight for Monegasques. 

As soon as they entered the ice, the players knew the importance of their role in protecting the environment. And they turned toward the sea, a gesture of respect which shows their support for this environmental cause for which Prince Albert dedicates so much of his life. 

Two teams fighting on the ice as part of a collective project to fight against global warming. And Slava himself is carrying out a major project: “The Last Game”. A world tour of hockey games in unexpectedly unusual places to educate young people about the environment. Kenya, Israel, Singapore, and of course, the Principality of Monaco where young people are highly motivated to take up the fight. 

Congratulations to the two teams whose battle mirrored this extraordinary fight to save the planet. 

And thanks to the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and of the sovereign himself, Slava Fetisov is able to strengthen his project even further to fight the melting of ice in the regions of the North Pole. 

Prince Albert is the world’s first Head of State to have been to both the North (April 2006) and South Poles. It is not just the planet itself that is in danger but human beings themselves.

The crowd cheered enthusiastically as the game drew to an end, the players having livened up Monaco’s Quai Albert in support of a great cause. 

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