Monaco’s Women’s Volleyball Team: undefeated and targeting to compete against elite professionals

Monaco’s Women’s Volleyball team are setting a cracking pace – one could equally say “a perfect pace” in their Division. They are undefeated so far mid-season with fourteen successes in as many matches disputed in National 2.

If they keep the competition at bay and end the season top of the League the ramifications are huge. It means that next season they would join professional teams – assuming they secure promotion to the Elite Women’s Division (DEF).

Monaco’s women volleyball players would then become the sole professional female sports team on the Rock!

They don’t have it all their own way though. They are only clear by three points – just ahead of the formidably dangerous volleyball players at Mauguio, close-by Montpellier. So everything is on the line in every game. There is no margin for error.

Monaco’s Women’s Volleyball Team

And their Division is a training ground for young future professional players. These great young athletes can improve like lightning so the remaining part of the season is particularly challenging.

But Monaco’s women have a very experienced coach in Eva Hamzaoui. She has won two titles in the French beach volleyball championship (2006 and 2009) and was ten years honing her skills and gaining experience in the French Beach Volley team (from 2003 to 2013). Her past as a former pro serves her well in those tough moments that can turn a match. That’s when the team turns to her for extra motivation.

Assuming the team continues its winning streak and makes the cut and is promoted – then as professionals the whole financial side needs buttressing. No doubt the ASMVB President will already be on the lookout for sponsors. It’s going to need hundreds of thousands of euros to compete effectively against mightily strong professional teams. Go Monaco Women!

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