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Blatant Dishonesty, Lack of Remorse and Lack of Respect for the Judge is a Fast Track to Jail

An Age-Old Trick Conning Cashiers Is Rewarded With Jail

An Eastern European in his 50’s having refined a technique for stealing cash from stores decided to try his luck with it across the Principality. He made a wave of visits to luxury shops and casinos. His particular criminal speciality was to “con” the cashiers each time by asking to change a big bank-note – sometimes while buying a small item. So dressed like an elegant gentleman he puts a 500 euro note on the counter while the cashier prepares to exchange it mostly for 50s. Cleverly the criminal creates a distraction, sweeps up the 50s plus the original 500. Chances of success are increased by ensuring there are many other clients in the store.
Rather than have an embarrassing incident in front of customers the cashier surrenders to the man’s claims that he has only pocketed the 50s. This is an age-old trick and the stores discreetly alerted the police. Too much evidence landed the East European in the “clink” for a month, especially when the judge saw his file of prior convictions in France.

Law and Order

Carer Defrauds Her Kind Trusting Patron By Over 350.000 Euros

Over two and a half years a carer made unauthorized withdrawals, of just under 1000 euros each time, using her 80 year old patron’s credit card. All in all, with several withdrawals each week she stole over 350.000 euros in less than three years. Enough ill-gotten gains to fund a life of alcohol, parties with her friends and fine clothes. Her patron was completely unsuspecting, trusted her implicitly and treated her as a member of the family. So much more the shock when an investigation revealed who had robbed her account. Lack of contrition before the judge contributed to a heavy sentence. Narcissism and self-pity combined with a predatory attitude against a “rich” employer was all she was capable of exhibiting in court. In the end the judge handed down the carer a two year jail term for a sickening display of dishonesty and lack of regard for the frailty and kindness of her patron.

Law and Order

Jail for a Tin of Sardines and a little Whisky

It is not a good idea to irritate the judge – especially when the judge is trying to help you justify your behaviour. “Were you hungry?” was rewarded with an icy cold silent look of contempt by the culprit. Question after question by the judge got dealt with the same way – silence and contempt, verging on hostility. What to do with this young math teacher from Italy who had a heavy Slavic accent – on the few occasions when he was forced to utter a few syllables. It didn’t make sense, robbing a supermarket in the Principality for a tin of sardines and a bottle of scotch. No prior convictions, no record of crime – except the police had found in his backpack a laptop that obviously did not belong to him ( a lucky owner in Nice had it restored to him by the policeman). In the end the judge gave up trying to help the man justify himself. Even his defence counsel was perplexed how to defend him. The Prosecutor wanted two months jail. Jail for a first offense of petty theft? – an unusual demand! The judge was exasperated but kept her cool while left little choice but to jail the scornful defendant for 15 days.

Law and Order
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