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What do you know about Monaco?

HelloMonaco challenges you to check your knowledge about this beautiful country. Do you know Monaco as well as you believe you do? 10 questions and just a few minutes of your time in a fun and entertaining quiz. Invite your friends to compete and to see if you are actually better! And share your results on your social media! Good …

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Umberto Bassignani — Italian sculptor in Monaco

Umberto Bassignani

Even though his masterpieces are familiar to almost every resident of Monaco, the life of this sculptor remains in the shadows for many of us. Umberto Bassignani is an Italian sculptor of Tuscan origin who conquered the Monegasque cultural environment in the 19th and 20th centuries. The artist was born in 1878 in the Italian commune of Fivizzano. After completing …

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François and Marie Blanc: on a tricky path to the dream and prosperity


Gambling in Monaco was first authorized by Prince Florestan I. He signed the law legalizing gambling two months before his death, in April 1856. However, it didn’t become official until December of that year with the opening of the first gambling house in the Palais de la Condamine. It therefore had all started more than a century before the official …

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New Year’s Eve around the World

New Year’s Eve in Monaco

Bringing in the New Year is a special occasion celebrated around the world. The moment is always joyous, but traditions differ country to country and are sometimes surprising. Let’s go on a small trip around the planet on the 31st of December at midnight… Down Under Australia is the first country to celebrate New Year’s Day. In Sydney, on the …

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How to Celebrate Christmas in France: History and Traditions

Christmas History and Traditions

If you are interested in knowing more about the history of Christmas traditions in France, this article will provide some answers. So just how are the French celebrations different from the Monegasques on this most solemn day of the year? Just like in Monaco, France starts to celebrate its Christmas on 4 December, St. Barbara’s Day, and continues as far as Candlemas (2 …

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