Facts about Monaco

Unknown facts about Monaco: Formula 1 Drivers in Monaco

They can have anything they want. And one can only imagine how much they earn. Though this information is concealed, it makes its way to the pages of the newspapers. Did you know that Monaco has become home to most F1 drivers?

If you earn over 20 million dollars, high housing prices will not stop you from living in a small tax haven, where a 75 m2 two-bedroom apartment costs some 3.5 million euros. And the price of a loft with an exceptional view of the GP track? 20 million euros.

Monaco track- Race of Formula 1 Grand Prix

Here is another fact about Monaco: you can open a bank account with funds starting from 500,000 euros. But Formula 1 drivers are ready to pay for comfort and security and to live in one of the smallest states of the world.

Pit stop of Ferrari- last preparation before the race

Nico Rosberg

And the most Monegasque of them all? Obviously, it’s Nico Rosberg. The German driver has lived in Monaco since he moved here with his parents in the 80’s. Now he’s living in Monte Carlo with his wife Vivian and their daughter Alaia, who was born in the Principality.

Nico Rosberg, pilot of Mercedes, resident of Monaco
Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton

You can meet Rosberg’s teammate Lewis Hamilton on the streets of Monaco. Even though the English F1 driver has a house in Colorado, Hamilton spends most of his free time on the French Riviera.

Lewis Hamilton, pilot of Mercedes, resident of Monaco
Lewis Hamilton

Nico Hulkenberg

Just like his fellow drivers, Nico Hulkenberg could not resist the beauty of Monaco. But this is not the main reason the German pilot of Sahara Force India became a Monegasque resident. The thing is Nico has his own ritual before the race – he prefers sleeping at home. During Monaco GP he gets to the track on his scooter.

Other F1 drivers living in Monaco

Monaco is home to Valtteri Bottas, Jenson Button, Esteban Manuel Gutiérrez, Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Massa. The 18-year-old Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has recently moved to Monaco as well. As for Sergio Perez, the Mexican racing driver currently divides his time between Monaco, London and Switzerland.

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