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Property market trends: first quarter 2017


According to the latest study by the Real Estate Observer of ‘Crédit Foncier’, the housing market in PACA is expected to sustain in 2017. The report reveals that in 2016, activity in the housing market accounted for 29% of total transactions for the Alpes Maritimes and 22% for Var. In general, prices have increased in the coastal departments, but prices …

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Сhange of Direction in Albert II Tunnel

Albert II tunnel

A Change of Direction The direction of traffic was reversed yesterday for an hour, during post-work rush hour, to test the alternative possibility of diverting traffic in the event of high traffic. This possibility was first tested for a few minutes during the Easter holiday, in order to check the technical feasibility of the project. Yesterday afternoon, a bigger test …

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Monaco launches world’s fastest internet

Monaco Telecom

Las week marked the launch of a major advance: the first mobile commercial network at 1Gb/s. With this innovation, Monaco Telecom is continuing its commitment to combine performance and quality. The 4G at 1Gb/s is 21 times faster than 3G. “Now the Principality, thanks to Monaco Telecom, is the only country in the world that can offer its inhabitants, who …

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Monaco homes are world’s most expensive


The Principality of Monaco claims the most expensive home prices of any country in the world, according to a report on the tiny nation from Savills released Wednesday. Monaco, an independent slice of the French Riviera with an approximate population of 38,400, recorded an average resale price of €41,400 (US$44,992) per square meter in 2016, a record for the tiny …

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Avenue de Fontvieille: Closed

road closed

From 17 April 7 am until Friday 12 May 8 pm, vehicular traffic is prohibited on Avenue de Fontvieille, in the section between Rue du Gabian and Place du Canton, and in this direction. Closure does not apply to emergency vehicles, public and construction services, and to events requiring the establishment of traffic patterns favorable to the rapid evacuation of …

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Driver killed in the car crash on highway to Antibes

car crash

Easter weekend is one of the deadliest for France’s roads and highways. This time was no exception, when yet another fatal accident occurred. A driver, Russian, in his forties, died while driving on the A8 highway close to la Brague bridge in Antibes. Severely injured, the passenger was rushed to the Pasteur hospital in Nice. Around 5 o’clock, the convertible …

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Careful, road work in progress!

2nd Monaco ePrix and the 75th Grand Prix of Monaco

Be sure to plan your journeys in advance, as there will be a series of road closures and restricted access this spring to accommodate various events and construction projects. Closure of the Avenue de Fontvieille in the uphill direction Until Saturday 1 April at 8 pm, vehicular traffic is prohibited on Avenue de Fontvieille, between Rue du Gabian and Place …

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It is the time to purchase luxury property?

Luxury Property

According to a study by Lux-Ré, purchasers of prestigious properties are 64% convinced that now is time to buy. Optimism moderated by the possible evolution of tax policies While they were only 50% sure that the market would become stronger in 2015, “premium” buyers are now more confident and plan to acquire property in 2017. Unlike the traditional market, Real …

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Future views from the Housing Property Observatory: Southern France

real estate

The Alpes Maritimes Housing Property Observatory welcomes the fact that the housing property market is catching up while still pointing to the supply deficit in real estate. The current deficit since 2014 continues its rise in 2016 to + 14% Real estate market players are smiling again.Recently at the airport business centre, in front of an assembly of professionals and …

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Real estate in Monaco for $1 million: is it possible?

Property in Monaco

Monaco to London: how far will $1m go when buying prime property? In parts of Monaco, it will only buy enough square metres for a WC; in London it will stretch to the size of a bouncy castle. We may be about to witness the extinction of a very rare bird indeed: the $1m Monaco home. Savills agent Irene Luke …

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