The lord of beauty, Rossano Ferretti, conquers Monaco

Star stylist Rossano Ferretti opens the beauty salon Rossano Ferretti HairSpa in the Principality.

Black and white, glazed, and harmonious lines are the core of the brand of the 21st beauty salon of the talented and innovative master of haircuts, Rossano Ferretti, which opened on the 1st of July. He is a successful owner of elegant salons in the most enviable parts of the world, from Paris, Milan, Madrid to Miami, Shanghai and the Maldives. An exclusive hairdressing salon definitely needs an exclusive location, so the new residence for HairSpa was constructed in the Hotel de Paris in the most central square of Monaco.

Rossano Ferretti
Star stylist Rossano Ferretti

So what makes Rossano Ferretti HairSpa a hit in the beauty industry? The answer is simple – innovation. Ferretti always felt the natural charm and invariably rejected creating patterned haircuts. This is what prompted the master to develop his own original and unique “Il Metodo”, which gave birth to the “invisible” haircut (haircut without visible sharp cuts), which looks very, very charming and classy! According to Rossano, pomposity and artificiality will disappear from the world of hair beauty, and will be replaced by natural genuine and simple hair.

The destiny of the Maestro himself was predetermined in advance, as his grandfather Renato was a barber in a small province in the north of Italy, and, incidentally, his mother Gigliola, also worked in the salon as a hairdresser in the 1960s. At the age 14, young Ferretti had already mastered the basics of hairdressing in a specialized school. Over time, he travelled around the world in order to find his own signature style, dreaming of working with the stars of show business and being classed as an “haute couture” stylist. And, as we’ve seen, dreams really do come true! Today Rossano Ferretti is already one of the most highly paid hair stylists in the world; his service is used by top celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively and Salma Hayek. Moreover, he even worked with Princess Diana during her honeymoon.

Rossano Ferretti
Rossano Ferretti and Olga Taran, Editor-in-Chief of HelloMonaco

Exclusively for HelloMonaco, the stylist unveils his secrets about what makes his method innovative and what qualities HairSpa Ferretti staff should have.

Has anyone tried to copy or “borrow” your ideas and method of work?

I have spent 11 years developing branded scissors, and another 7 creating my line of products. This process takes a lot of time, and at the moment if someone tries to repeat my products or techniques, I will be far ahead with new inventions.

In the world of beauty, it is impossible to stand still, you have to keep moving!

Rossano Ferretti
Rossano Ferretti with a client

“Il Metodo”, what is its peculiarity?

The study of hair features before haircuts, their structure, thickness, natural movement and the way it grows. Haircuts should not be obvious; they should be a continuation of personal hair growth. And even if the shape of the hairdo is radically changed, its length and natural elegance will be kept as much as possible. This is the idea that hair has a “natural fall”. Our “texturizing” scissors carry out the following technique, cutting only 20% of hair, while the position of the scissors is always vertical, contrary to the standard horizontal cut.

Rossano Ferretti
Rossano Ferretti and Victoria Bonya

Obviously, your staff should be specially trained to work in HairSpa?

Of course, my team is well trained, we have been working with some of the stylists for 23 years already, and a haircut done by them will be almost identical to mine. “Veterans” of our “brand” train local HairSpa teams around the world; this guarantees our success in New York, Miami, Milan, and London. Our salons are always local leaders thanks to our well-trained staff.

Rossano Ferretti

What is your secret in personnel management?

I help their dreams come true, pushing them to do what they might never have done on their own!

What are your expectations of the HairSpa beauty salon in Monaco?

To become a leader in our market niche from day one.

What about your pricing policy?

We always adapt service prices according to the local market price policy.

To finish, could you give some hair care recommendations?

Our hair needs the same complex care as the skin of the face. It deserves to be treated a little with various cosmetics. As a result, I was inspired to create a hair care line, which includes shampoos, masks, serums, oils, etc. The base of all products is completely biological, no sulphates or dyes are used.

Rossano Ferretti

Looking fabulous means looking natural – this goal is pursued by Maestro Rossano Ferretti. We just need a little bit of courage to try something new, like a famous hairdo, or even an entire spa ritual from HairSpa Rossano Ferretti. The average price of the signature haircut from Rossano himself costs 1500€, while a hairdo done by the stylists trained to use “Il Metodo” will be about 200€, depending on the hair length and type. Rossano is aware of this, which is why he has created a line of hair cosmetics with rather affordable prices; the average cost of a product is around 40 euros, because everyone deserves to have luxurious hair.

Rossano Ferretti
Silvia and Valentina Cangiano @stylelabltd and Olga Taran @hello_monaco


Address of Rossano Ferretti HairSpa in Monaco:  Hotel de Paris, Place de Casino, MC 98000

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