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New Bowling Alley: Construction Confirmed and other Monaco news

Not only the week but the entire year is coming to an end and we as always strive to keep you updated about Monaco news.

New Bowling Alley: Construction Confirmed by Monaco’s Minister of State

Pierre Dartout confirmed that a new bowling alley will be opening its doors in the area, during a National Council meeting on 12 December. Monacos Minister of State also noted that the future shopping centre in Fontvieille will be home to a new cinema.

According to the Minister of State, the premises located on the ground floor of the ZAC Saint-Antoine real estate complex is now reserved for the construction of the new bowling alley.

How many Medals Did Monaco Athletes Just Rake In?
Photo by Berend van Rossum on Unsplash

Monegasque athletes had won an incredible total of 14 medals, after the second day’s haul of 9 medals were counted. This was during the departmental indoor championships at the Miramas Stadium in Bouches-du-Rhone. 5 medals were teased home on the first day alone.

Let’s look at some of the more outstanding performances reported in the French media. Congratulations Monaco athletes!

Amazónico: ‘A Sensory Journey Through the Amazon’ Opens Next Spring

© Monte-Carlo SBM

Situated on the legendary Place du Casino, boasting jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean, the new Amazónico Monte-Carlo restaurant is set to open its doors on 4 April. The warm, festive and delectable concept, created in 2010 by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, quickly became one of the most popular restaurant locations in Madrid, London and Dubai. Next stop for the festive restaurant: our own Principality…

Turbo Unveils Monaco’s Automotive Stars: GMK, the Audi R8 GT and Dominique Chapatte

M6 Turbo Unveils Monaco Monaco's Automotive Stars
Photo by Ivan Bonadeo on Unsplash

In a thrilling twist to its legendary run, Turbo, M6’s iconic supercar program, is illuminating Monaco’s automotive panorama with a riveting scene set at the picturesque Palace Square. This revelation brings forth a captivating fusion of two luminaries: the show’s esteemed host, Dominique Chapatte, and Monaco’s own automotive influencer, GMK.

Renowned for pioneering Turbo since its inception in 1987, Dominique Chapatte has etched his name as the show’s creator, presenter, and producer. This luminary figure in the automotive sphere has been the driving force behind Turbo’s prominence, earning it the esteemed status as M6’s flagship show. In fact the channel had celebrated Turbo’s 35th anniversary with an exclusive show dedicated to Chapatte, featuring Karim Benzema as a special guest.

New Moods music Bar reopens its doors next year and there is when

The New Moods music bar will open next year
Photo by Sérgio Alves Santos on Unsplash

Something that is sure to put music-lovers in a good “mood”, after a ten year hiatus, the Moods Studio and Music Bar will be reopening in Monaco, under the name “New Moods”. The big comeback is currently scheduled for October 2024.

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