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Stealing Chips from Monaco’s Casino

Roulette table

There are several ways to steal from the casino. But the palming technique is certainly the preferred method for transalpine sharks. An Italian believed he would put his hands to good use and quintuple his bet. But the cameras were watching. The offender was caught by video surveillance and summoned to appear before the court. On the 11th of September …

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From the Court: Eight Days in Prison for Nanny and One Month for Drunk Driver

palais-de-justice- from the court

Eight days in Prison for Nanny The nanny stole a child’s smartphone. We would refrain from being suspicious of a nanny, especially one in her seventies. A Monegasque couple had decided to entrust their boys to a child carer. But the recent court hearing showed that lax morals often lead to changes in professional relationships. Today, this retired Cannes woman …

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From the court: Driver made a U-turn inside the Rainier-III tunnel in Monaco

a U-turn right inside of the Rainier-III tunnel

A Ukrainian driving a Bentley makes a U-turn right inside of the Rainier-III tunnel in Monaco. The double underpass connecting the Principality to the Moyenne-Cornicheonly allows you to drive one way. When the police were checking stability of the road traffic, their control screens displayed a vehicle that was heading back to Monaco in the forbidden direction! At the risk …

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Crime: 15 days in jail for trying to hit a policeman and a love dispute

Monaco police

15 days in Jail for Trying to Hit a Policeman A young man from Menton has learned that Police officers have good memory. Although he did not appear before the Correctional Court. On June 6, at approximately 10:20 am, officer sat  the Monte-Carlo market noticed two scooters with three people on board: one pilot and two passengers on each of …

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From the court: Eight days in jail for a Broken Nose

Monaco Court House

Has the Monegasque learned from his mistakes? Because the altercation described to the Correctional Court whitch happened on the 26th June, the man on trial still does not seem to be able to distinguish the difference between resentment and impulsive violence. That day, at around 5 am, at the Yacht Club, he punched the victim in the face. Transported to the …

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“Clean hands”: Up to 5 years?

Gerard Spinelli, mayor of Beausoleil, with lawyers

2 years recommended sentence for Monegasque promoters and the Marzocco brothers; 3 years suspended for the mayor of Beausoleiland 5 years for Lino Alberti. Up to 5 years: the sentences recommended by two public prosecutors. Some weaknesses in the case make it difficult to understand the roles of the 11 people accused as reported Gregory Leclerc from Nice Matin. This …

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Crime News: Smoking Cannabis in Prison and Leaving without Paying Cases


Smoking Cannabis in Prison: 6 more months A young man, incarcerated in prison, went to the disciplinary council on the 24th of March 2016 for having smoked cannabis during a regulatory walk. This led the culprit to the correctional court where he was sentenced to return to prison for six more months. The case began in the courtyard of the …

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“Clean hands”: the late Senator Vestri’s family accounts

Rene Vestri

The Correctional Court uncovered accounts in Switzerland belonging to the late Senator-Mayor of Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat. But they had trouble defining the exact origin of this “nest egg”. After looking at the Odéon tower, with its impressive heights, immense budget andalleged links to subversive commissions, the Sixth chamber of the Correctional Court of Marseille looked at a completely different site yesterday. A …

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From the court: alcohol problems

From the court: crime news

Drunk Man Kicks Scooter The man from Beausoleil appeared overwhelmed. What was he afraid of? It wasn’t his first time in court. On the 12th of March, 2016 he was charged with: purposely damaging a scooter under the influence of alcohol. At 4:25 a.m., while returning from “La Rascasse”, he got angry and kicked over a scooter. “Police were alerted …

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From the court: nightlife crimes

Monaco Court House

Two recent tales of crime in Monaco paint a picture of one man’s consequences after excessive indulgence and a prostitute turned thief. Trouble for Belgian family man after Champagne binge This is the story of a drunken and aggressive Belgian, sentenced to four months suspended imprisonment by the criminal court for rebellion, contempt, violence and assault against two policemen. On …

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