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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: in prison because of the Chanel bag

Chanel bag

In this edition of Criminal Digest, you will learn about a case of a stole designer bag and a prostitute caught for possession of drugs. Imprisoned because of the Chanel bag In the Principality, the victims of thieves who hunt for branded bags have always been the crowds that frequent the fashionable evening establishments, like for example on Friday, May …

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Top 2 Monaco Criminal News: Dog Attack and Wallet Theft

dog attacked

In this edition of criminal news you have the chance to hear about a dog attack against a Chihuahua and its owner as well as the theft of the wallet of an elderly woman. Like master like dog? This imitation took on its full meaning with the case before the Criminal Court. It was about an aggressive dog, not kept …

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​​Drunk driver hits restaurant terrace​ in Monaco​

Drunk Driver

A drunk driver destroyed the terrace of the Chinese restaurant Song Qi in Monaco at dawn without hurting anyone, miraculously. It was thankfully an accident without any injured people involved, though the driver must surely be regretting his actions. The evening had to have started well for this British citizen who had been drinking heavily for quite a while, but …

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Top 3 Monaco Criminal News: Restaurant Violence and Fake ID Card


In this edition of criminal news, you will hear about a woman violently thrown out of a restaurant as well as a false ID card for work and a cannabis charge. Restaurant Violence If the customers are pushed out with force because they find the bill too excessive, this method may lead to a rapid decline in attendance at the …

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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: Louis Vuitton theft and football attack

Louis Vuitton

In this edition of criminal news, you will learn the details of a Louis Vuitton theft and a physical attack at a football event. Luxury Theft A Romanian, eager to offer his fiancée a Louis Vuitton case at 3,750 euros, entered a shop in Monte Carlo. As the small case was too expensive, he took it and hid it under …

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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: drunk driving and real estate broker scam

real estate

In this Criminal Digest you will learn the details of a drunk driving incident and a real estate broker scam. Drunk to the point of having no memory of her accident. What a ride for this young Mentonnaise of 31 years! After getting intoxicated in a bar with three glasses of rosé wine and a shot of spirits, this education …

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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: store cashier and Go Pro camera theft


This edition of Criminal Digest gives details on a sneaky cashier at a sports store changing prices and Go Pro Camera theft. Decathlon case: “receipts” fraud A new practice of breach of trust was discovered in the Principality. A young cashier at a sports store, trampled on the business of this Fontvieille store, according to Monaco-Matin. He had devised a …

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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: dangers of playing with fire

tribunal monaco

In this edition of Criminal Digest, a man lit a smoke bomb during a match and a historical pool went up in flames due to a mysterious fire of uncertain origins Smoke bomb during Match Lighting a smoke bomb during the match Monaco-Montpellier can only bring bad news. When the bailiff called the perpetrator to the stand at the correctional …

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Top 3 Monaco criminal news: cross the border, go to jail!

criminal court

In this criminal digest three cases in Monaco are reviewed, involving an expelled criminal, a limping thief, and a travelling Parisian con artist. Case 1: Criminal Expelled Inadmissible to the country, he ends up in prison. A man was driving his van, on 22 February 2016, on Boulevard Albert I with three people on board. It was 1 o’clock in …

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Top 3 Monaco criminal news: an arsenal, a robbery, and a sex pest

Home arsenal

This article provides details on three varied and unusual criminal cases involving events that took place in Monaco not long ago. Home arsenal Recently an ‘impressive arsenal’ of war weapons was confiscated from a man’s home in Cap d’Ail near Monaco, as reported Monaco-Matin. It was contended by the prosecution that he was stockpiling these weapons for protection in case of …

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