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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: the watchmaker case


In this top of criminal news we look more closely at two cases in Monaco: one involving a criminal watchmaker and the other a cheque with no backing, in exchange for jewels and watches. Did the watchmaker sell stolen watches? Did the watchmaker from the Boulevard des Moulins enable the “laundering” of stolen luxury brand watches? Confidentiality and anonymity were …

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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: Fight at the Grand Prix


This top of criminal news features two cases involving a fight on the eve of the Grand Prix and the driver of a Rolls Royce who had been caught drunk driving. Violence at a restaurant on the eve of the Grand Prix A former kitchen chef, currently unemployed, appeared before the criminal court for seriously injuring a young man with …

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Top 3 Monaco criminal news: insults and employee theft

Condamine Market

We present details of three cases in Monaco involving drunk driving, insulting of an official, and stealing from an employer. How insults may lead you to pay a fine A woman faces a € 1,000 fine for insulting an assistant at the Post Office. Is it accepted that everyone can freely express their opinion of a person, and does this …

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Top 3 Monaco criminal news: false bankruptcy and fountain crash

florida property

In three cases of crime in Monaco, a man was accused of defrauding a pensioner, a young man crashed into a fountain, and two Danish managers face imprisonment for false bankruptcy. Acquitted of defrauding pensioner He was suspected of having robbed a Monegasque pensioner of the amount of 2.5 million euros, but this citizen from across the Atlantic was finally …

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Top 3 Monaco criminal news: casino robbery re-enactment


Three criminal cases in Monaco highlight yet again the boundless creativity of scammers and thieves, including a fraudulent architect, an apartment sale scam, and a robbery, though the last of these was merely a re-enactment of a previous event that nonetheless set social media buzzing. Casino Robbery Re-enactment “There has been a robbery at the Fairmont!” A rumour to this …

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Monaco criminal news: stolen diamond, bribery, and a stabbed chef


A man from Naples was called before the criminal court. The Monegasque Judge suspects this 64-year-old Italian native of having imported two contraband diamonds, in violation with the 1963 customs ordonnance between France and Monaco. He’s a strange man, who seems to not understand what has happened to him and claims innocence. However, as the case unfolds, the accused’s troubled …

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From the court: Where bad habits can take you

From the court- crime news Monaco

Two recent cases at the criminal court of Monaco prove that using substances and inappropriate behaviour are not accepted in the Principality. Case 1: Drunk at the wheel A tipsy driver, having previously been expelled from the area, drove through Monaco to return to his home in Beausoleil. He was examined after an accident, found to have a blood alcohol …

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From the court: child pornography and child abuse

Monaco Court House

In two recent shocking cases at the Monaco criminal court a retiree is charged with downloading child pornography and a man is charged with family child abuse. Case 1: Downloading child pornography at age 77 A retired national education employee, a former schoolmaster who seemed above suspicion, has appeared in court recently. He was accused of downloading from his home …

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From the court: how to break up without strangling your ex-partner


In a recent case at the Monaco Criminal Court an ex-couple came to violent blows after a night at la Rascasse. The defendant was sentenced to a fine of 1,000 euros with a suspended sentence for attempting to strangle his ex-girlfriend. According to him, she would not accept the breakup. So who is the victim? A Monegasque man, approximately 30 …

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Monaco Crime News: International Fraudster at large & Man found burned in his apartment


Warrant Issued for Fraudster A deceased person who continues to receive her retirement pension money is a surprising feat. A fraudster took intricate steps in order to obtain pension money for his mother who has been deceased for a long time!  At the court hearing, the defendant, who is of Greek or Lebanese nationality, is absent. He appears to have …

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