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Larvotto is on the move with Palais de la Plage and other Monaco news

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Larvotto is on the move with Palais de la Plage


Larvotto is on the move. We are getting more than glimpses of it. The beach, the promenade and the surrounding commerce and residences experiencing a renaissance unfolding rapidly as 2021 approaches.

As the massive makeover of Larvotto by the Principality takes place, other quite major projects in themselves are filling in the dots. These are by private developers – projects like Palais de la Plage, a new luxury 15 story building under the eye of Monegasque architect Suzanne Belaieff.

Covid-19: over 20 various breaches of health measures recorded in Monaco restaurants

OVID-19: Checks and health requirements for restaurants

At the request of the Prince’s Government, the Police Department and the Hygiene and Food Safety Office jointly conducted checks on a number of restaurants in the Principality recently.

Around 60 restaurants in the Monte-Carlo, Port Hercule and Fontvieille districts were visited to check that health measures were being properly applied. A total of 21 minor offences were recorded for various breaches. The majority of these related to restaurant staff not wearing masks and failure to ensure a distance of 1.5 metres between tables.

Champion for Peace 2020 Revealed to the World from Monte-Carlo

Peace and Sport

Did you know that Lionel Messi, star of FC Barcelona and Argentina helps feed poor children in Mozambique – thousands of them (reportedly as many as 15.000) start their day with a healthy breakfast instead of suffering hunger and malnutrition.

This is the sort of example, helping his fellow brethren on the planet that made him a natural choice for the Peace and Sport, Champion for Peace for the year 2020.

Monaco’s New Police Division use 3D Technology

Monaco’s New Police Division use 3D Technology

Monaco recently introduced a new police division called the “Events and Environment Preservation Division”. The officers will help ensure peace in public spaces and promises unprecedented cross-functionality between departments, more agents in the field and the use of new technologies. This tenth Police Division will be offering security services during sporting, cultural, associative and institutional events (which are important and occur quite often in Monaco).

A Budget Deficit and Major Relaunch of the Economy is Planned for 2021

A Budget Deficit and Major Relaunch of the Economy

Monaco’s budget of almost a billion and a half euros for 2021 has been approved unanimously in the Conseil National.

Not surprisingly in this pandemic stricken year of 2020 there is an exceptional strain on finances due to the short-term measures to help both individuals (CTTR payments) and businesses ride out the crisis.

Monaco has weathered the crisis better than most – and these support measures have ensured that those whose jobs were impacted and those businesses whose fortunes were whip-sawed or even completely curtailed by the pandemic have opportunities to recover.

The Firefighters Calendar: A Chance to Give Back to The Brave

Monaco National Day

You’ll see them popping up in Roquebrune and Beausoleil near Monaco. The firefighters are delivering their popular calendar which has a Classic look this year. They are a beloved group in our communities these brave souls who risk their lives for us and it is a chance to get to know them face to face as the generous-hearted people they are. Their main local distribution is also taking place in Menton.

The calendar is not “sold” in the usual meaning of the word; indeed it is given free to those who can’t afford it. You just give what you feel comfortable with when offered the calendar by the Firemen. It’s for a good cause.

Monaco’s Borders to Close Beyond New Year’s Eve? Mayor of Nice Speaks


It’s inevitable that more questions would come up about slowing the pandemic. People almost expected a spike with the festivities. That there is a spike in the Alpes Maritimes even before ringing in the New Year is worrying.

It certainly has the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi worried. Worried enough to want to reduce the back and forth between France and Monaco where hotels and restaurants remain open and cultural events are still part of life.

Covid-19: a Spike in Infections in the Monaco Region

Covid-19: a Spike in Infections in the Monaco Region
@ Polina Tankilevitch: Pexels

There are some worrying early signs of another spike of Covid-19 infections. This time the evidence is from the Beausoleil screening Centre (recently in full operation).

The Centre uses an anti-gene test that detects infected people who have a heavy viral load. It is particularly important to isolate those people because they are very contagious. Getting the potential super-spreaders out of harm’s way of the healthy is one way of breaking the chain of infections in the community.

Covid-19 Economy: Most Sectors down by 50%

The first vaccination against Covid-19

Monaco’s Economic Bulletin for the third quarter of 2020 was presented by government advisors and Monaco Statistics (IMSEE) during a press conference in December. Although the figures demonstrate a steep decline in many sectors, they remain promising for certain sectors, including science and real estate. Many businesses are surviving and weathering the current storm because of emergency benefits (10% of the budget) which help soften the economic blow caused by COVID-19.

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