VIP Medical Check-Ups in Hotel Style Luxury – Monaco Eyes The Medical Tourism Market

The Princess Grace Hospital has for three years now been perfecting a VIP-style medical check up service. And at the end of 2018 this new department had already attracted an annual rate of about 200 clients. 2019 promises to be even busier as word of mouth spreads. Requests are reported to be pouring in at an increased pace. This means that the launch, just over three years ago, which then in some ways was a trial, has proved successful. 

And the three years has been put to good use. At first the check-ups, though sophisticated, were generalised by themes such as heart, gynecological and digestive system. Then the Unit learned to customize the services more to each client. So more time was spent before the check up examining the patients’ histories and their specific concerns. Nowadays before the day of hospitalization, a consultation with cardiologist Dr. Chironi takes place probing the patient’s symptoms and prior treatments. 

Which means that a complete program of Check Ups can be tailored to each VIP client. 

Clients are reported to be responding to this well. Dr. Gilles Chironi, has also been the head of this service since its opening and makes sure a full series of professional medical services are in readiness to receive patients in VIP surroundings for a complete health check in one day.

The Typical Client

50 and 60 year old residents and Azuréens are among the mainstream, both men and women. Not surprisingly, high socio-professional categories comprise the patient population – they are also increasingly cosmopolitan – up to 45 different nationalities in the first three years according to the information the Unit has had publicized. Perhaps surprisingly though, 40% of them are reported new to Princess Grace Hospital. This bodes well for a welcome trend for people to have their check-ups done in the Principality.

There is an increasing culture of check-up screening. People want to make sure that everything is fine. And obviously there will be clients also with unsolved symptoms who will want to be screened or want a second opinion on a diagnosis.

In one day, the battery of examinations carried out in the services of the CHPG makes it possible to leave with results of analyses provided the same day in the majority of cases. That speed then allows a quick intervention if something is detected. 

VIP Medical Check-Ups in Hotel Style Luxury


On average expect a bill of about 4.000 euros per VIP patient for the full day’s services – not reimbursed by Social Benefit programs but supported often by private insurance. 

Medical Tourism 

It is reported that 20% of patients travel from abroad to use this service. The Principality has the potential to become an attractive magnet for “medical tourism” by partnering with SBM to offer health and well-being management packages – health at Princess Grace, and of course in conjunction with the home, and well-being in SBM institutions. 

VIP Suites at Princess Grace 

Three suites are available to receive patients through a VIP service. The place feels more like a hotel than a hospital with its 

caregivers, medical secretary, housekeeper, chef and hotel staff – and a nurse who is fluent in four languages. When the new Princess Grace Hospital is completed these privileged spaces will be expanded with at least two more being added – and there will be “premium” rooms in each department of the hospital.

The Principality is staking its claim to be a premier provider of VIP medical services in the 21st century. 

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