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Uncontrollable Road Rage Leads to Fisticuffs

Law and Order

Road rage got the better of an Italian tourist driving a luxury SUV near Port Hercule in Monaco. Ten o clock in the evening and feeling over-confident he did not want to give way to another motorist who had priority. Fortunately, an accident was averted as the two cars came to a violent halt to avoid an accident. Had that …

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The Wheels of Justice Turn in Monaco


Racing under the Influence Two tots of whisky and another shot of liquor and a 21-year-old young lady deluded herself into thinking she was the female equivalent of Lewis Hamilton. And so she went for an early morning race on the Grand Prix track! In the wee hours of the morning she first took on the “tourniquet” by the hotel. …

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Love or Money – That was the half million euro question

Criminal digest

A hidden love affair over 20 years involving a rich lady living in Monaco with wealth estimated at 15 million euros. Love or money that was essentially the question posed to the married lover now 79 years old and facing the court. The civil suit had been brought by the son of the victim. The fact that there was no …

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The Wheels Of Justice Turn In Monaco

Law and Order

Two Sisters Caught Stealing Near Port Hercule   Two professional thieves, half-sisters feigned a normal shopping spree in Monaco in early January. While one distracted the cashier with the pretended purchase of two sweaters the other sister snatched cash of over 200 euros from the till. The two then bolted from the store with the stolen cash and merchandise. The …

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The wheels of justice turn in Monaco and fate strikes too

tragic accident

Detectives Capture A Professional Bicycle-Thief in Monaco A plague of bicycle thefts in Monaco amounted to 40 in a year! Monaco detectives and the courts have risen to the challenge. The result – finally intercepted a criminal who would pay for his crime with a jail sentence. The scene, sports store, mid-July last year – a 1000 euro bicycle locked to …

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