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Binges With Alcohol Drag Women Before The Courts While a Man Hides From The Law

A Woman Half-Strangled and Beaten Up On A Yacht

Impossible to know with certainty who did what to whom. The result was in no doubt, a young woman beaten up on a boat. That got the full attention of the court.

Both the woman and her alleged attacker had been partying on a yacht, plying themselves with alcohol before the police were called by the boat’s Agent.

The assailant before the court claimed that the woman had gone berserk under the influence of excess drinking and hit him on the back of the head with a bottle.

Law and Order

Her injuries, bruises to the face and neck, facts certified from a hospital visit and the police, supported her version of events. She had been knocked to the ground, restrained with a knee to her chest, while the man thumped her several times in the face, and put a stranglehold around her neck.

The Courts take violence to women very seriously and not just because of the “MeToo” movement. The man claimed self defense and that he had to restrain her and defend himself from a hysterical, alcohol fueled attack.

Law and Order

Was it an exaggeration to suggest he was motivated to prevent her from cutting herself on her champagne glass as she lost her temper? Did he have to half strangle her and punch her in the face several times?

The Court obviously came to its own conclusion with a judgement that required the wisdom of Solomon to divine the truth between the two versions of the fight.

No jail but a 3000 euro fine for the aggressor plus damages of 1000 euros for the young lady.

International Women’s Day Ends With Fumes of Alcohol and a Big Bang

International Women’s day was the perfect way to reward weeks of hard study tied to her desk and a computer. This excited young lady raced to a Monaco night club to celebrate. Champagne and vodka glasses piled up. Two glasses of champagne and four shots of vodka and her spirits were high.

Law and Order

International Women’s Day was certainly being celebrated in style and the party didn’t stop until 5.30 in the morning. Mounting her car it didn’t take many metres before she danced her car into another car parked nearby. Four times the maximum legal limit of alcohol, the police witnessed in Court, after have locked the student up for the weekend. Do you know what the risks of an accident are with that “dosage”? 80 times the normal risk.

Law and Order

The prosecution argued for jail. The defense pleaded for clemency; the young lady had a clean record. The weekend in jail would make this her first and last episode like this in her life.

The Court still took a stern view of the case and sentenced her to a 15 day suspended jail sentence – a sword of Damocles to remain over her head while she completed her studies. More parties no doubt but no more binge drinking and then driving home.

600.000 Reasons To Hide After Embezzling Clients In Monaco

A blatant bank fraud by a manager of a Wealth Management company in Monaco played out before the Monaco courts. The Italian manager had used false signatures of his clients to transfer over 600.000 euros to himself. And boldly done by cutting out their signatures from other documents.

Law and Order

And then he fled – soon to be pursued by the police with an International Arrest Warrant. A peculiarity is that Italy does not extradite its citizens. So the case unfolded in Court absent the criminal.

The Italian even offered by letter to restore the stolen funds, though there was little evidence of a genuine attempt to repay even one centime of the 600.000 euros pilfered.

Confident in his ability to hide from justice the Italian’s lawyer did not even show up to appeal the 18 month jail sentence.

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