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Monte-Carlo Metropole Shopping Centre to Open on Sundays and other Monaco news

It’s been another busy week in Monaco. And in case you missed any of the news HelloMonaco selected the most interesting for you.

Monte-Carlo Metropole Shopping Centre to Open on Sundays

Monte-Carlo Metropole Shopping Centre to Open on Sundays

At the annual general meeting in December, the majority of the Monte-Carlo Metropole Shopping Centre‘s merchants made a decision to keep the centre open on Sundays between May and September.

Extension to Terminal 2 is Granted to Deal With Record Growth at Nice Airport

Record Growth at Nice Airport

Nice Airport is one of the growth stories of the region with more and more tourists flocking in as easy direct access to the Côte d’Azur, by plane, improves. Take offs and landings occur ever several minutes and in 2018, after breaking records for several years in a row the airport was already closing in on its maximum capacity, receiving 13.85 million passengers. And at that point it became obvious that if growth were to continue an extension to one of the terminals would be needed – and that is exactly what was planned and a permit applied for.

Securing The Rocky Surround Means The Observatory Cave (Grotte) Will Remain Closed For A While

The Jardin Exotique Will Remain Open

At the Observatory Cave the saying “Better to be Safe than Sorry” is guiding a prudent approach to ensuring the safety of the rock face – which means the Cave has been closed to visitors since December 20th to allow reinforcement of the boulders and rock around them.

Bishop Bernard Barsi will bid farewell to Monaco in January

Bishop Bernard Barsi, the Archbishop of Monaco, told the French press that he will be announcing his retirement to the public on 27 January 2020, Saint-Devote Day. After twenty years as archbishop, Bernard Barsi will soon be leaving his residence in the archdiocese, housed below the cathedral of Monaco, where he has lived since the year 2000, and return to Nice, his hometown.

Great Philosophers Gather in Monaco to Meet You. It’s All Part of Monaco’s Expanding Cultural Mosaic

Great Philosophers Gather in Monaco

Did you know that Monaco has became a vibrant centre for gatherings of philosophers. They carry on a great European tradition of philosophizing in the French language. Monthly forums restarted this January for the fourth successive year – and the good news is they are open to the public. In fact in Monaco the whole essence is to make the forums accessible to all – just like going to the ballet, the theatre or the circus.

Principality’s International Grimaldi Centre Sees Big With A Legendary Progam of Blockbusters for 2020

Principality's International Grimaldi Centre

Moreno Off To A Flying Start At AS Monaco As Jardim Exits

Moreno Off To A Flying Start At As Monaco As Jardim Exits

Winning the French League and making the semifinals of UEFA will get a coach into the history books but it won’t guarantee him a position as the Coach of AS Monaco into the future. Only a repeat performance following 2017’s successes will do it.

A Sumptuous High Society “Orthodox New Year” Celebration at the Yacht Club Proves Two New Years Are Better Than One

“Orthodox New Year” Celebration at the Yacht Club

Wouldn’t you like to celebrate New Year twice! In Monaco you have been able to do it in style at the Yacht Club for many years now. In fact you can greet any of your Russian friends not only on New Year’s Day but also two weeks later each and every year – and for this year 2020 it fell on the eve (and the day itself) of January 14th to do so. Those invited to the larger than life festivities at the Monaco Yacht Club, which this year were held in a pre-Party on January 10th, were lucky to participate in a feast and dance and clinking of glasses at the pinnacle.

Complementary Care known as “Unconventional Medicine” Gets Unanimous Support in a Bill from the Conseil National

Complementary Care known as “Unconventional Medicine” Gets Unanimous Support

The Conseil National has just fulfilled a campaign promise in proposing a law to create a legal framework in Monaco for the practice of what is called “unconventional” lines of medicine. It’s a campaign promise in tune with the needs and wishes of Monegasques who seek therapies outside the constraints of mainstream medical science and the constraints of absolute scientific proof. It’s a search that has been going on by the human race deep in history.

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