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Smart Electric Meters for Every Home in Monaco and other Monaco news

Smart Electric Meters for Every Home in Monaco

When it comes to energy consumption, Monaco is the newest territory to make the switch to smart meters.  The Nexio platform will allow every SMEG customer to have precise information on their electricity consumption in real time.

Beginning on 3 March in Fontvieille, SMEG began to install the new generation of electric meters, which are capable of accounting for consumption to the nearest kilowatt hour.

The Première Organic Restaurant at Monte Carlo Beach Prepares its New Inspired Cuisine with Benoît Witz

The Première Organic Restaurant at Monte Carlo Beach Prepares its New Inspired Cuisine with Benoît Witz
Benoit Witz is a doyen of the Monaco gourmet scene and part of the original team that opened the Louis XV with Alain Ducasse. He’s had the blessing to begin his career in Lyon (an organic paradise) with cuisine’s royalty, apprenticing in Paul Bocuse’s kitchen before a role with Lenôtre at Pre Catalan in Paris and then ultimately achieving further prominence at L’Abbaye de La Celle in Brignolles where he had gained a Michelin star. Subsequently he took over at the Hermitage Hotel and then, just a stone’s throw away from his new nest at Monte Carlo Beach, took over the reins at Vistamar.

Coronavirus: A second positive case revealed in Monaco and Measures to Protect Monaco Business

View of Monaco
The health authorities of the Principality have been informed that another person treated at the Princess Grace Hospital Center is positive for COVID 19. Pending the result of testing a sample, the patient had been placed in solitary confinement in the unit dedicated by the establishment for this purpose. Research is underway in order to find out the movements made by this resident over the past few days and identify the people with whom he would have been in contact. The Princely Government confirms the need to observe the precautionary measures announced in recent days.

Why Not Free Buses in Monaco: Fewer Cars and a Cleaner Environment


Test a free bus service in Monaco. This is the idea that Stéphane Valeri, President of the Conseil National has been proposing to the Government – an idea pursued ever more seriously since the early stages of the 2020 budget debate last year. One question of course is: should it be free just for residents or for everyone.

Monaco Digitizes Pay Slips, Registered Mail and Contracts

Monaco Digitizes Pay Slips, Registered Mail and Contracts

The Prince’s Government is developing a legal framework so companies in the Principality can develop and create new digital services. A press lunch was organized on 2 May with Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition, and Julien Dejanovic, Director of the Digital Administration, to discuss these services.

The Twin Bottles: Message in a Bottle, an Environmental Message

The Twin Bottles: Message in a Bottle
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The Twin Bottles: Message in a Bottle, two large steel sculptures with the heart of an environmentalist, were presented on March 10. The project The Twin Bottles: Message in a Bottle – sponsored by Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia – is a result of the encounter between the international sculptor Helidon Xhixha and the young Swiss photographer Giacomo “Jack” Braglia.

Mgr Dominique-Marie David, new Archbishop of Monaco

The ordination of Mgr Dominique-Marie David, the new Archbishop for the Principality, was held on Sunday 8 March in Monaco Cathedral. It was performed by Mgr Bernard Barsi, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese, surrounded by Mgr Jean-Paul James, Archbishop of Bordeaux and Bazas, and Mgr Yves Le Saux, Bishop of Mans. The royal family and senior government officials were also in attendance.

Flybe files for Bankruptcy amidst Coronavirus

Flybe goes Under as Coronavirus Spreads

All of British airline Flybe’s flights have been grounded and the business has ceased trading with immediate effect. Flybe was once the largest independent regional airline in Europe until the morning of 5 March 2020, when the airline filed for bankruptcy and ceased all operations. Flybe provided more than half of UK domestic flights outside London, with over 210 routes across 15 countries.

Friday the thirteenth: Casinos Buck the Trend of Fear of the Number 13

Friday the thirteenth: Casinos Buck The Trend Of Fear

Friday the thirteenth, unlucky for some, but for Casinos in Monaco it can be a bumper day. Did you know that one Monaco casino had reportedly seen an increase in gamblers on its slot machines of more than 30% last year on Friday 13th? Gamblers challenging fate not only flocked to the casinos in greater numbers they also spent more than 25% extra time on the machines. Very brave for the significant number of French gamblers among them who come from a nation that is notoriously superstitious. If you were Italian of course it is the number 17 that is cursed. Bucking the trend Italian gamblers are rather attached to the number 13 – they even call winning a jackpot “fare il tredici” (translated it means “making the 13)”.

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