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Construction Sites resume Under Strict Health Standards and other Monaco news

Construction Sites resume Under Strict Health Standards


The public in the Principality have been worried about the resumption of certain construction projects, fearing workers might worsen the spread of COVID-19.  Since 8 April, the government has set up strict health and safety standards for those involved in construction, which should put many people’s minds at ease.

A Calamitous Fire Puts a Family in Double Jeopardy During the Quarantine

A Calamitous Fire Puts a Family in Double Jeopardy During the Quarantine

Imagine going out to do some grocery shopping with your school-age son during the quarantine. Just a thirty minute errand and in that thirty minutes your life is turned upside down. Hardly in her forties this brave mother returned from her shopping and saw smoke pouring from under the door of her fourth floor apartment.

The Principality Drives Forward Weathering the Pandemic

View of Monaco

The Principality’s Retirement Homes Weather the Pandemic Well

A very worrying picture emerges in most countries of the fate of the most vulnerable people during the pandemic – and particularly those in retirement homes. The eastern part of the Alpes Maritimes proves to be an exception and Monaco remarkably so.

In Self-Isolation? Visit the World’s Cultural Sites from your Living Room


With the Principality and much of the world self-isolating at home, new online resources are keeping us entertained, cultured and less alone. Stunning heritage sites and museums are now offering immersive virtual tours that are almost as good as being there in person.  The best way to protect yourself, your family and your community during this pandemic is to stay indoors as much as possible. So kick back, relax and take a trip to Mexico, London and Italy all in one afternoon at home.

The Monaco and the Automobile exhibition, from 1893 to the present day, is cancelled

Grimaldi Forum

For the management of the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the health and safety of visitors remains the top priority. Faced with the uncertainties weighing on the organisation of this major summer exhibition-event, both in terms of its technical feasibility and visiting conditions, the Grimaldi Forum, in consultation with the Monegasque authorities and the Prince’s Palace, has decided to cancel it.

May 11th Reopening of Schools: The Picture Starts To Take Shape

May 11th Reopening of Schools

Planning continues led by Isabelle Bonnal, the director of National Education and with consultations with teachers this April 27th. While many things are not crystal clear, or even decided yet, some details are becoming obvious.

AS Monaco is mobilizing against Covid-19


While efforts of unity and solidarity remain more than ever necessary in the face of the health crisis, AS Monaco is mobilizing to support those who are working on a daily basis to deal with Covid-19.

First of all, the Club as a whole is giving its full support to those who are taking action, every day and for several weeks now, to limit the impact of this crisis.

A Half a Billion Euro Budget Deficit Due to The Crisis and Support for the Economy

The Palace has issued a press release revealing the extent of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the 2020 budget and paved the way with savings in the operating expenses of the Palace.

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