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Mareterra Island Project has Areas Named with Popular Royals and other Monaco news

Another busy week in the Principality of Monaco is coming to an end and HelloMonaco is ready with a summary of the most interesting news.

The New Mareterra Island Project has Areas Named with Popular Royals

As the Portier Cove project (Mareterra) races along toward completion in 2025, it is already taking shape enough to stimulate thinking about naming the principal areas including the streets. 

If you were to guess, which royals will be featured? We are so used to avenues such as Princess Grace, of course, as we stroll in the existing parts of Monaco. You would be right if you guessed the gorgeous twins and their mother Princess Charlene. 

Covid-19: Prince’s Government to rerun testing campaign in schools

COVID-19: Prince’s Government to rerun testing campaign

Using exactly the same arrangements as were put in place at the start of the new term on 3 January, the Prince’s Government is organising a new large-scale testing campaign in schools after the holidays.
Several thousand self-tests will be made available to schools for use by teachers and pupils.

They will be invited to test themselves in class on Monday 21 February, the first day of school following the February holiday. This will be voluntary for adults and will require parental authorisation in the case of children. All parents will be contacted by their child’s school seeking parental authorisation.

Watch Monaco’s Great Women Chess Players Check-Mate All-Comers in Celebration of Prince Albert I’s Centenary

Monaco’s Great Women Chess Aces Celebrate Prince Albert I’s Centenary

As part of the commemorations of the centenary of the death of Prince Albert I, the Monegasque Chess Federation is organizing the “Simultaneous Prince Albert I” in memory of the chess tournaments that took place in the Casino de Monte-Carlo from 1901 to 1904.

On February 26, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Atrium of the Monte-Carlo Casino, two champions, International Grand Master Pia CRAMLING and International Master Almira SKRIPCHENKO will face 32 young players, from the Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo and the young champions (U8 to U16) of the Alpes Maritimes.

Undefeated Professionally, Hugo Micallef Chalks Up His Second Win in Barcelona

Hugo Micallef Chalks Up His Second Win in Barcelona
Photo credit: Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Two tough Argentinians chosen for his first two professional fights with Top Rank and Hugo Micallef remains undefeated at this early stage in his professional career. 

Barcelona hosted this second fight where Hugo Micallef won a cutthroat contest in the ring against Gonzalo Omar Manriquez (7 fights including 5 victories).

SBM records €30 million increase in Turnover over Last Quarter

Casino Square

The Société des Bains de Mer recorded a 31% increase in consolidated revenue over the third quarter of the 2021/2022 financial year. Over the period from 1 October to 31 December 2021, the SBM’s turnover amounted to €125.8 million compared to €95.8 million for the previous financial year and €124.3 million in 2019/2020.

The improvement trend observed during the summer period continued throughout October and November. However, activity in December was impacted by the fifth wave of COVID-19, bringing revenue down by 24% compared to December 2019.

The Great February Festivals Are Back for 2022. Nice Carnival and Menton Lemon Festival

Lemon Festival in Menton (Fête du citron)

If Covid had the effect of dampening spirits in 2020 and in 2021 when some of our cherished festivals took a hit, then the opposite is shaping up for 2022. Some of our favourites are back with a vengeance to warm us up in this winter season. Two that we look forward to in February on our Monaco perimeters are battling it out for audiences overlapping around the same dates. 

They are in Nice and Menton. We can’t wait. Both draw a little short of a quarter of a million visitors each and they are pulling out all the stops for 2022. 

Historic Record Breaking Mega-Sale in Monaco – an apartment between 100 million and a billion euros

Monaco view

Contrary to all expectations the real estate market is unexpectedly buoyant in and around Monaco especially at the luxury end. One of the dominant real estate agencies has in fact just revealed in the press a mega-sale of an apartment in the Principality for over 100 million euros. Confidentiality written into the sales agreement means the exact figure cannot be disclosed but it is anywhere between 100 million and 1 billion euros! John Taylor has let it be known in the press that it is the biggest sale in its history and it is not even on the sea-shore.

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