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The Writing is on the Wall for Restaurant and Bar Reopenings and other Monaco news

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The Writing is on the Wall for Restaurant and Bar Reopenings – Including the Date

Restaurant and Bar Reopenings

The health situation in Monaco continues its improving trend and the reported cases of the coronavirus in the last month are fewer than one can count on one hand. So favourable is the situation that in every corner of the Principality residents are looking forward to a return to normal life. How we yearn for the rich tapestry of bars and restaurants to liven up our streets once more – and cultural and sports activities too. Which poses the question when?

The European Commission has issued recommendations on the resumption of tourist activity

resumption of tourist activity

The European Commission has recently released recommendations to the EU member states on the resumption of tourist and transport activities for the summer season 2020.

The restrictions on border crossing between the EU countries and regions with a similar epidemiological situation are to be lifted as a first step. The date of reestablishing free movement within the European Union has not yet been specified. 

A Movie with Charles LeClerc? Something Special is Happening This Sunday in Monte Carlo

It’s Grand Prix weekend and in the early morning of Sunday something very special is taking place on the Monaco Grand Prix track with Charles LeClerc in a Ferrari. 

Do you remember the famous 8 minute cult movie “C’etait un rendez-vous “ with a Mercedes dubbed with a Ferrari soundtrack driven and directed by Claude Lelouch. There is going to be a rare type of sequel but featuring Monaco this time instead of Paris and featuring a real Ferrari. At the wheel instead of Lelouch will be Formula1 racing ace Charles LeClercLelouch, who was hidden by his mother from the Gestapo as a child in movie theatres, will this time restrict his own genius for the camera. 

Charles and Arthur LeClerc at the E-Sports Racing Wheel for Princess Grace Hospital

Charles and Arthur LeClerc at the E-Sports Racing Wheel

Monaco Grand Prix season is upon us. And even with this year’s race cancelled there is a special feeling of expectation. Fortunately Charles LeClerc and brother Arthur are indeed at the racing wheel this Saturday to fill the gap at the start of this special weekend. When the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying trials should be taking place they will, in fact, still be racing to qualify. How can this be?

The date when the border between Monaco and Italy will be reopened is finally known

Italy announces the date of the reopening of the border with Monaco

From June 3rd, Italy is reopening its border to Monaco and the countries of the Schengen zone and also Switzerland.

With the summer season coming this will facilitate tourism. And also from June 3rd, travel within Italy is also completely open. 

Monaco’s Life After Self-Isolation. First Princess Grace Hospital, Then Schools

Princess Grace Hospital, Then Schools

The future return to a full life in the Principality is starting to unfold. Princess Grace Hospital is back to normal and many of our children are back in school, even if wearing masks. That’s a start. All eyes now on bringing more life back to the streets and in the evenings too.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Winner Charles LeClerc Races to the Support of the Monaco Red Cross

Monaco Red Cross
@Monaco Red Cross

Monaco Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc has raced into action participating in deliveries alongside teams from the Monaco Red Cross. He had already been involved with the Ferrari team to support the action of the Italian Red Cross last March. Continuing in this vein, it was with the volunteers from the Monegasque Red Cross that he decided to help by testing his skills behind the wheel of the association’s van. The satisfaction this time was in helping rather than the usual thrill and feedback from the lightening speed driving a Formula 1 Ferrari.

Why we should be Proud of Monaco’s Debt when Battling Covid-19

Monaco’s Debt when Battling Covid-19

Pierre-André Chiappori, Monegasque economist and Professor of Economics at Columbia University, recently shared his thoughts on the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Professor, who is also the author of several book on economics, spoke to a local news source while in self-isolation in Paris. 

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