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Venturi Automobiles inaugurate New Headquarters and other Monaco news

Venturi Automobiles inaugurate New Headquarters

Venturi Automobiles, the iconic electric vehicle manufacturer, recently inaugurated their new headquarters in Monaco. This year, Venturi electric is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a freshly designed new home. The inauguration of the new headquarters was held in the presence of Gildo Pallanca Pastor, owner of Venturi, as well as Venturi’s race car drivers, members of the press and invited guests.

The Principality Takes Action to Increase Supplies of Hydroalcoholic Gel for Cleansing Hands

The Principality Takes Action To Increase Supplies of Hydroalcoholic Gel for Cleansing Hands

Washing hands with soap in the home is an effective way, experts tell us, of reducing the likelihood of retaining viruses on our hands and then ingesting them by touching our face.

We do not necessarily need the more specialized products like hydroalcoholic gel to keep our hands clean.

Closure of Crèches and Schools in Monaco

Coronavirus: Closure of Nurseries and Schools in Monaco and Increasing Prudent Restrictions

In concert with HSH the Sovereign Prince, the Princely Government decided, from Monday March 16 and until further notice, to close the crèches and educational establishments of the Principality of Monaco (schools, colleges, high schools, higher education establishments). This measure aims to protect children and reduce the spread of the virus across the territory. According to epidemiologists and doctors who are supporting the Prince’s Government in managing this health crisis, children and young people are likely to spread the virus quickly, even if they sometimes have no symptoms and, fortunately, do not seem today to suffer from acute forms of the disease.

Royal or Commoner, Coronavirus is Oblivious to Social Rank

Prince Albert Birthday
Photo from the archive of HelloMonaco

Prince Albert has been recently tested positive with coronavirus at a time when he was in the front of the fight against Covid-19 and was fulfilling the responsibilities for his nation. He would have been aware that the epidemic always had the potential to put him in harm’s way and to expose him to a high degree of risk. After putting the care of his country and its people before all he is now infected, yet still working in private for us all, cared for by his personal physician. The Palace assures us that the Sovereign’s state of health raises no cause for concern.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival: World premiere of thriller Shadowplay

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival: World premiere of thriller Shadowplay

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival, celebrating its 60th Anniversary later this year, will open with a World Premiere screening of the hotly-anticipated thriller series SHADOWPLAY, it was announced today by Laurent Puons, CEO of the Festival.

Launch Of The First Nanosatellite Made In Monaco

Monaco’s own Space Program
Monaco’s Orbital Solutions Team @OSM
First nanosatellite made in the Principality, OSM-1 CICERO has been successfully integrated to Arianespace’s Vega launcher at the space center in Kourou ( French Guyana. The launch is planned to take place at 22:30 UTC-3 on March 23d 2020 (02:30 CET on March 24th).

Weighing 10 kg, the satellite of Monegasque startup Orbital Solutions-Monaco will orbit the earth every 90 minutes from an altitude of 540 km. Fitted with an instrument originally conceived at JPL/NASA, OSM-1 CICERO will be carrying out earth observation, collecting valuable climate data by means of radio occultation technique.

Monaco’s Minister of State Tests Positive as Monaco Takes Further Action and France Introduces Quarantine

There is a ninth positive case of coronavirus revealed in Monaco. The patient is Serge Telle. Analyses of a sample taken from H.E. the Minister of State were positive for COVID 19. The Minister is not very symptomatic. He remains confined to his home as part of the treatment protocol adopted by the Monegasque authorities with the establishment of medical monitoring coordinated by the CHPG. Serge Telle’s state of health is not a cause for concern. He pursues his professional activities from his home, avoiding all contact. The working meetings with all members of the Government will now be held by video conference.

Aleksandr Golovin extends his contract until 2024

Aleksandr Golovin extends his contract until 2024

AS Monaco announces the extension of Aleksandr Golovin‘s contract for an additional season. The 23-year-old Russian midfielder is now signed with the Red and White until June 2024.

Madar Family acquires Port Palace Hotel in Monaco

The Madar family recently came to Monaco to purchase the Port Palace Hotel. On 6 March, two members of the Madar family, Jean and Alain, were in Monaco to finalize the sale of the establishment. The sale agreement was with Lofti Maktouf, who has been the family’s friend for over two decades.

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