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Malizia-Seaexplorer “Around the World in 100 days” and other Monaco news

Summer is time when Monaco busy program turns from official into entertaining with lots of world top competitions and festivals held here. So learn what was going on these days in Monaco.

Malizia-Seaexplorer “Around the World in 100 days” ending in the sweetest of victories

Imagine more than 100 days at sea going around the world… if the novel by Jules Verne “Around the World in Eighty Days” had not been written, now it surely has to be: “Around the World in One Hundred Days”.

More than 100 days in fact, each day contributing to the final glorious achievement. And the stars are the crew of Malizia-Seaexplorer in The Ocean Race.

Spectacular Results of the Monte-Carlo International Jumping

Monte-Carlo International Jumping
Jumping International de Monte-Carlo @ LGCT

The Monte-Carlo International Jumping assembled the best horse jumpers in the world for an intense weekend of competition. The most sought-after prize, the Grand Prix du Prince de Monaco, took place on 1 July.

The ninth leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour takes place at the Port Hercules, under the ramparts of the Princely Palace. Every year, French riders try to reach Kevin Staut’s status. He was the only Frenchman to be crowned in Monaco in 2012, with his steed Rêveur de Hurtebise HDC. And this year, for the first time in over a decade, a French competition was victorious in the Grand Prix du Prince de Monaco.

Remarkably Successful Exam Results Across the Whole Principality Prove the Excellence of its Teaching

Remarkably Successful Baccalaureate Results Across the Whole Principality
Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

The first round of Baccalaureate 2023 results in the Principality demonstrate a consistent success.

With 97.6% success in the first round of the Baccalaureate all series combined, and 79.9% of baccalaureate holders obtaining a mention, including 18.6% “Very Good”, the 2023 edition confirms the quality of the Monegasque education system.

These remarkable results are the result of the unfailing commitment of all the staff and the exemplary involvement of the students. They honour the Principality and bear witness, once again, to the excellence of its teaching.

Monaco Summer Carnival “U Sciaratu”: Stroll & Dance and Make Merry On The Rock. It’s Free!

Monaco Summer Carnival “U Sciaratu”: Stroll & Dance On The Rock

Monaco’s Carnival is in summer which is a splendid idea. Thanks to the Mairie locals and tourists alike can enjoy a balmy evening on the Rock, now on July 7th. 

Parades, confetti, costumes, shows, musical troupes and, of course, family and children’s entertainment including a make-up stand, will be on the scene. 

And this beautiful evening closes at 10pm on the Place de la Mairie with a grand ball hosted by a DJ, as in previous years.

Charles Leclerc comes roaring back in Austria. Will he eat away at Red Bull’s dominance?

GP Formula 1 Monaco 2023
GP Formula 1, 2023 la course © ACM /Olivier Caenen
80eme Grand Prix Monaco 2023 Formule 1

Who would have thought that Charles would come roaring back so soon. Who would have thought that Ferrari could make the modifications to their car that would make it competitive with Red Bull. 

Not that Verstappen will give Leсlerc any breaks. Not that he’ll give up his dominance at the top of the podium easily.

But Charles Leclerc in Austria at last had a car to be reckoned with. At last he had a car that could make him competitive in qualifying once again. At last he had a car which had the potential to get him on the podium. 

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