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Monaco’s Mediatheque New Services Include “Ready to Go” and Home Delivery

Monaco’s Mediatheque New Services
Although the Media Center (Monaco’s Mediatheque) has been closed to the public since the start of the health crisis in the Principality, its teams are nonetheless active and always on the lookout for new ideas to offer their subscribers. Thus, under the impetus of its delegate Camille Svara, 1st Deputy Mayor, the Media Center now offers two new services adapted to the current context bearing in mind the health situation, home delivery and “ready to go”.

EasyJet returns to the Skies with extra Safety Precautions

EasyJet resumes Flights to Key Airports

EasyJet has announced that they will resume flying from some of their key airports as of 15 June.

Flying will principally be on domestic routes across the UK and France alongside a minimal number of international routes. The airline expects to increase flying as customer demand continues to build and restrictions are relaxed. During the lockdown period, the fleet was grounded and the aircrafts were maintained in flight ready condition in order to enable the airline to resume flights quickly at the right time.

Three Grands Prix in Monaco in one month

The Monaco Grand Prix. History of the Famous Track

Following numerous requests coming from Competitors, Partners and Spectators of Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, the Organizing Committee at Automobile Club de Monaco – after achieving a feasibility study internally and receiving the final approval from the Monaco Government – has the huge pleasure to announce that the 12th edition of Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, initially planned for May 8-10, 2020, will be organized from April 23 to 25, 2021.

The Grimaldi Dynasty Secured by a Unique 100 Year Birthday in 2020

The Grimaldi Dynasty

For a Dynasty to survive hundreds of years is a small miracle indeed. In the case of the Grimaldi Dynasty it is over 700 years since when on January 8, 1297, Francois Grimaldi, dressed like a Franciscan monk, together with his allies captured the fortress on the Rock above Port Hercules.

Monegasque boats allowed to sail in French waters


From today, Monegasque-registered vessels will be permitted to sail and make ports of call in French territorial waters in the Mediterranean. In accordance with the principle of reciprocity established by the Franco-Monegasque Agreement, French-registered vessels will also be able to sail and make ports of call in the Principality’s territorial waters.

Charles LeClerc on the Fashion Trail

Charles LeClerc on the Fashion Trail

In this down part of the season for Formula One Charles LeClerc seems busier than ever.

Immersed in Virtual Grand Prix Racing and supporting numerous charities, you would think the workload would be exhausting him. However he has just enough energy left to don a suit and make a fashion statement. Not just any fashion statement but he is now the face of Armani who have been quick to capitalize on his youthful looks and toned physique. To put it simply who would deny he looks great in Armani’s made to measure line of suits!

Goodbye to Sebastian Vettel as 2021 see Ferrari staking their future on Charles LeClerc

Goodbye to Sebastian Vettel

It’s Vettel’s fifth season without being on top of the drivers’ standings and as a consequence no constructor championships in that time either for Ferrari. Last year having finished fifth behind Charles LeClerc – his worst result ever as Formula 1 lead driver – the writing was already on the wall. His status as the team’s number one driver was torn in shreds. Time to leave at the end of this season – it has not been working for him or Ferrari and the team spirit between him and Charles has been questionable at best. They say that a bit of competition doesn’t hurt anybody, but when team orders are flouted and there are “misunderstandings” on the racetrack – that arguably cost vital points – then something has to give.

Compagnie Monégasque de Banque raises almost €500,000 for CHPG

Almost €500,000 raised for Princess Grace Hospital

The Compagnie Monégasque de Banque (CMB) has raised over €470,000 for the Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) in a successful funding drive. On 11 April, the bank began collecting donations with the idea of enabling residents and friends of the Principality to participate in the fight against COVID-19.  The bank kicked things off by donating the first €100,000 to the drive.

Charles LeClerc fights it out with brother Arthur to take Podium in the Monaco Virtual Grand Prix

Monaco Virtual Grand Prix

If Charles LeClerc would wish for a greater high-point than winning the Italian Grand Prix on Ferrari’s 90th anniversary, it could surely only be winning at home. For him the grandest of all the Grand Prix has to be Monaco.

That target is not yet a jinx, by no means, but it is a trifle elusive early on in Charles’ ascendancy – and in 2020, of course, there is no race due to Coronavirus. 

The historic chain that leads to a 150 Year Anniversary of Lycée Albert I

Lycée Albert I

It was 150 years ago exactly to this May 2020 when on May 31, 1870, Prince Charles III created the College of Monaco on the Rock, its very first. This establishment, first taught by Jesuits, will become the current Lycée Albert I which he started in the former convent of the Visitation. The current Chapel of the Visitation stands testimony to it. 

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