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5th E-Rally Monte-Carlo: Zero Emission No Noise and other Monaco news

Last week life in Monaco was busy as ever. So just in case you missed any of the interesting news, here is a digest for to stay updated.

Monaco Colours at Stade Louis II are under question


If you can’t change the whole world, there is still room for a bright idea to create a wave. And one AS Monaco fan is putting his energy in improving the look of Stade Louis II – the look of the seats that is.

How long have fans put up with the seats being yellow. When someone wakes us up, the light bulb goes on as what the ideal colour for the seats might be – the colours of the Principality of course!

Magic Manga Contest Perseveres Despite Pandemic and Announces its Winners

Image shown is for illustration purposes

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences, which were scheduled to take place on 7 March, had to be postponed. Despite these special circumstances, the finals for the international competition were able to take place online, with presentation videos sent to the jury by the finalists. The jury, chaired by Tadatoshi Fujimak, illustrator of Kuroko’s Basketball, announced their winners.

Monaco’s own Space Program Blasts Skywards with High Tech NanoSatellites

Monaco’s own Space Program
Monaco’s Orbital Solutions Team @OSM

The launch of OSM1 CICERO, the very first satellite made in the Principality, is scheduled for June 18th at 22:51 (local time) from the Kourou space center (French Guiana), namely at 01:51am Universal Time, sometimes referred to as Greenwich Mean Time, June 19.

Who is the New Sports Director at AS Monaco? The News is Out

the New Sports Director at AS Monaco

70 player contracts to continually negotiate! AS Monaco and PSG are the most prestigious jobs in football. Certainly so in the French League, if not in the whole of Europe – and the envied Monaco Sports Director job has been lying empty. 

And it’s going to be an Englishman at the helm as Sports Director, fished from the Red Bull Group where he is in charge of strategy. 

Monaco Film Buffs and Gourmets: Look here for this June’s Surprise New Reopenings

Monaco view.

We live in extraordinary times where each week it feels like there is a lottery where the prizes are new openings of our favourite Monaco haunts. 

For lovers of cinema, reportedly the first opening both in France and the Principality is indeed in the Principality itself. Perhaps it is not so surprising that Monaco is blessed with a cinema re-opening first; it does have the most unique open-air movie theatre perched by the rock above the Fishermen’s car park. Being spacious and open-air means that it can meet all the stringent health requirements – seats positioned each at a distance from one another and thoroughly disinfected for each new viewer. 

5th E-Rally Monte-Carlo: Zero Emission No Noise

4th Monte Carlo e-Rally
The winner of the 4th Monte Carlo e-Rally

The E-Rally managed to display innovative approach during the current health restrictions imposed by Covid-19. The E-Rally recently announced a new route for its next competition.    

The 2020 edition of the E-Rally Monte-Carlo will be very different from other years, with a new route that remains exclusively in the Principality and surrounding regions.

World’s No.1 Family Office Investment Summit Lights Up Monaco This July

World's No.1 Family Office Investment Summit
@Global Family Office Investment Summit

This July is already starting to look like the Monte Carlo we know and love with some of the world’s great events springing back into action including: The World’s No.1 Family Office Conference By Sir Anthony Ritossa with Media partner HelloMonaco. It is the largest and most influential gathering of family wealth, representing US$ 4.5 trillion.

How Monaco is Coming Back to Life After Lockdown

After 49 days of uncertainty due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Monaco embarked on what was described as a “gradual and cautious” reopening process by the Minister of State Serge Telle. Private jets can fly again, boats can feel the waters, and restaurants, offices, worship places, and shops have been reopening slowly. But how is the Principality returning to normalcy, a week before the rest of France?

AS Monaco Player Keita Baldé’s Heavenly Gesture

AS Monaco Player Keita Baldé’s Heavenly Gesture

Keita Baldé the Senagalese attacking player at AS Monaco has jumped to the aid of his fellow men who travel to Spain to work in the fields in the agricultural season which started June 1st.

But they had nowhere to stay. It’s a tough life working relentlessly 12 hours a day – the migrant workers’ life is no dream. Keita Baldé to the rescue.

Construction Sector makes 13% of Monaco’s Turnover

Construction Sector

Last year, the Construction Sector generated 13% of the Principality’s turnover, according to a recent study by the IMSEE*. The study shows that Construction is the third most profitable sector and the fourth largest employer in the Principality.

Almost 500 establishments, which employ over 5,000 people,make up the Principalitys construction sector.  Construction is a strong sector in Monaco, according to a recent document published by the IMSEE. 

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